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Noticing Newbies: June 01, 2016 Issue [#7667]

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 This week: Be Bold
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About This Newsletter

As a dyslexic writer, I understand how scary it can be to put yourself out there for others to read your work. But, it is something every writer needs to do. Whether your submitting to a publisher or posting here for the WDC world to see, you have to get over it eventually or die forever in obscurity with your children wondering why Momma/Daddy never did anything with their work.

The purpose of my newsletter is to entertain a bit, if I can, but it is also to help you look at writing ideas as a new member you might not have thought of. To address issues every writer faces at some point in time so you know your not alone. On occasion, I will throw in a WDC technical issue on how to find your way around here or the ML. What I won't do is give you something that bores me. Yes, I know there will be spelling mistakes. I won't use every their, there or they're correctly. I may spell collage when I mean college. But, what you will get are real answers to problems I have conquered and some I'm still struggling just like some of you.

My one and only goal is to help our new members feel like the belong, because you do. Different ideas are welcome. Different styles are welcome and yes even if you have in the past spelled cat K A T out loud and thought you were right or struggle to let characters lead and the plot follow, you have a place here on WDC. None of us are prefect. We all struggle and we are all here to help each other in that struggle.

Friends have jokingly suggested that I drank the WDC kool-aide. I will happily agree. I did and I am so glad I did. Here is to all of our new members finding their writing home with us as well.

Quick note: I lost my editor, He's moved three hours away and has very little internet access, all for the love of a girl. So please bear (or is it bare) with me there will be mistakes. I'm doing the best I can.

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Letter from the editor

I thought long and hard about this newsletter. What to say to people who were afraid to post their work. Afraid that no one will like it or worse read it. It is something that dogs many of us. I should be one of you but, I was one of the rare lucky ones that actually had a couple of teachers who told me I could write even If I couldn't spell. I had just as many who told me I was a horrible writer because I couldn't spell. But, I had faith that yes, I was capable of doing this. I believed it before anyone had a chance to tell me I was wrong. My form of "can do anything I set my mind too" was to never give them a chance to tell me I can't before I learned I could, or worse tell me it was suppose to be hard. Reading and writing... Those are easy... Spelling well that was suppose to be hard, as was math, science even something as simple as coloring was suppose to be hard and it was understandable if I wasn't good at it.

What I got from not being good was don't even try. I bet many of you did. You heard an English teacher tell you your grasp of the English language wasn't good enough, or had a parent laugh at you and tell you, you were wasting your time trying to write. It is things like this that has kept four of our new members on the first page of the Noticing Newbie forum not posting anything to your port yet. At least one of you joined three days ago and introduced yourself then, but you have yet to post anything. I am sure there are others, some who have been members for years. Why? Because of the things I mentioned before? I mean, after all, you can't teach a old dog new tricks and your writing stinks no matter how hard you try, but you want to write. Your soul sings for it. So you find yourself here trying to find the guts to make that first post.

Okay, so maybe I don't fear what will happen when I post, but there are things I fear. My aunt convinced my mother not to buy me coloring books as a child. It was suppose to inspire me to draw my own pictures. What ended up happening is that I was the only person in my K-grade class that couldn't color inside the lines. I never learned. I would try but my teachers would just write sloppy across the top of anything I did be it handwriting or coloring and accuse me of being lazy. As far as some members of my family are considered, I still am lazy at the age of 43 despite living on a homestead and having 6 kids. I am after all a stay at home mom. Yes, I know their opinion means nothing, but it does help to make my point.

So, for Christmas my best friend bought me a couple of those adult coloring books and markers. It was an interesting idea. I had talked about buying them for myself, but all I could see was the mess. The markers didn't help when the colors didn't match the caps because of the paper used in the books. But, I was determined not to disappoint her, though I did keep telling her I wasn't good. Then my husband brought home a large box of color pencils and crayons. " Try these."

Crayons were okay but when they lost their edge it became sloppy so they were out. "You understand color. Your jewelry you have made as gifts proves it. Try the pencils." For those of you who don't know my husband Clanbear has always been my biggest supporter ready to tell off even a family member if they try and make me feel less and he wasn't about to let me stop just because the crayons weren't working.

The color pencils and I are still trying to perfect when I need to sharpen them so it doesn't look sloppy, but it's working. For once, I am no where near having a panic attack trying to color. So much so that when I finished my first picture without getting out of the lines, I announced... "I wonder what else I can do that I was told I had no talent for? Honey, I wanna make an apron, lots of them until I have it right. Then, I want to move on to skirts, then dresses, and maybe just maybe I can make a quilt." I have the pattern, I just have to find the fabric that inspires me.

Each and every one of you who haven't put anything in your port inspire me too. You found the courage to join WDC. Just as I found the courage to accept my friends gift without having a total melt down(at least in front of her). Now you just have to find the courage to dip your toe in the water. Post a poem, an opinion piece, tell us why you think your candidate is the best for the job. Start a blog. It doesn't matter, just start. Come on in. The water's fine and we can't wait to see the world through your eyes.

Editor's Picks

From some of our New members who have already jumped in.

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Busted  (E)
A girl's mind wanders. 100 word entry - May Newbie Contest
#2085720 by Jany

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