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Spiritual: June 15, 2016 Issue [#7697]

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 This week: Life is like a Game of Thrones
  Edited by: Kittiara
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About This Newsletter

We all have our own goals to pursue. And we all have our dragons to face...

This week's Spiritual Newsletter is all about life, and its many obstacles.


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Letter from the editor

Odd title this week, isn't it? Comparing real life to a fantasy novel/TV series. One that has dragons, no less. And one that's extremely brutal.

It would be nice to think of life as a journey that has its ups and downs, but that's generally headed in the right direction. Yet, is that always the case? Some lives end when they have only just begun. Some do end in a brutal manner, as we can witness in the news time and again. People who are good and honourable don't always have a happily ever after. Some people who are cruel and self-centered flourish.

We each have a certain loyalty to something, be it our family, our town, our nation, or our goals. Some give their lives through that loyalty. Others fight for it in other ways, be it with words, signing petitions, or voting for the best candidate to represent their interests.

As in the Game of Thrones, religion can have its good sides and its bad sides. Generally, people's faith is personal and helps them lead the best life that they possibly can. Some people, however, do terrible things in its name, from religious oppression to committing acts of terror.

Life can split families apart. Lead us to different nations. Lead us to pursue different goals. I think that we all want our lives to have some kind of meaning, be it on a small scale – to be good and kind to others, and help when we can - all the way to a relentless pursuit of wealth and power.

Most of us are mere witnesses to the battle for power. But it still affects us on a daily basis – we are subject to different ideologies, different policies, and all too often we find that Winter is indeed coming.

If we are mere pawns in the Game of Thrones, does that mean that our lives are futile? Far from it. Life may not always be pretty, and it may not always have a happy ending, but when we all do the best that we can, we can make a difference.

You see, those who battle for power don't always have a genuine insight into what life is like for the rest of us. They'll claim that they do, but they don't know what it is to struggle to make ends meet, to work a tedious job, or maybe a nice job but one that doesn't pay that much, to want a peaceful existence, with as many nice moments as possible, and to avoid suffering as much as we possibly can. Or maybe they understand some of that, especially the last parts, but they think on a much larger scale than we tend to do, and in doing so, we are reduced to mere numbers rather than individuals. Which is not realistic.

A power player doesn't know, and won't care much, about Mrs. Smith down the road who's broken her leg and can't do her shopping, but we do, and we can help. We can help Mr. Jones, whose sight isn't what it used to be, and who struggles to write a letter to an old friend. We can help in so many different ways, each of which helps the world to become a slightly better place. It doesn't take much.

We could change the world for the better in a much larger way if we all worked together, but I know that that's not realistic. I mean, if all of us refused to go to battle, there wouldn't be anyone to fight wars. If all of us refused to vote for unsuitable candidates, rather than opt for the lesser of two or more evils, democracy would be more effective, and the Game of Thrones would truly become interesting. As said, though, that's not going to happen, is it?

What we can do, is face our dragons. Our collective ones, and our personal ones. We each have one or more in our lives. I know that I have faced several already, and am facing more still. I have learned that it doesn't do to try run and hide from them – they are relentless. I've had to learn how to ride them – that's the only way to soar through the skies.

I may be painting a grim picture here, but it's necessary. Things aren't going too well in the world. Even if being good and honourable doesn't always lead to the desired outcome, perhaps if enough of us choose to be just that, we can alter the game to our advantage.

Our deeds don't have to be mighty, but they can be good. Our choices matter. We can't be distracted by the petty and remain divided.

Winter's coming. No matter your nation, no matter your faith or lack thereof, we'd do well to stand together and be prepared.


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