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Spiritual: January 04, 2017 Issue [#8058]

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 This week: Hope inside Pandora's Box
  Edited by: ember_rain
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

I am the daughter of a preacher and a social worker. Mom taught me that no one was unredeemable with her attempts to help abusers learn a better way and substance addicts overcome their addictions. Daddy taught me that understanding humanity meant understanding their faith and encouraged me to research and decide for myself what I thought was true. I may have changed my religion but I came to believe that all paths lead to the same place. Just because we use different names and titles doesn't mean that at the core of our beliefs we aren't all the same. My newsletters for this section will be all encompassing and encouraging of an all faiths environment. There is even room for the skeptics and atheists because regardless of their view, it is needed to bring balance to the world.

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Letter from the editor

I wanted to call this the Audacity of Hope then remembered that our current president titled his book that so... You get something different.

2016 has been a hard year. My husband received a notice from his place of employment that there would be layoffs. He is scheduled to be laid off sometime in February. We are holding out hope that things will turn around with the industry and it will right itself. You can't build what you don't have orders for and you won't get orders from an industry on a downturn. It's like cabinet building during a housing market bust. You don't know where the next job is coming from or if the company contracted to will even be open when its time to deliver. We lived through that. We will live through this. But, if you understand nothing about that statement, understand this. That is hope talking. I am well aware that if the layoff does happen, we could lose our home, the land my father purchased before he died that we now live on, the car, pretty much everything. I know it can happen because I have seen it happen to others.

I grew up in the south during the 80's when stars were holding Farm Aid concerts to help save the small farmers from the banks. To keep a small farm alive and vital, you had to compete with the big farm industry. To do that you had to have better equipment that meant taking out loans using the farm as collateral. The banks gave loans to farms they knew wouldn't be able to pay so that they could then foreclose and sell the farm at auction for twice what the farmer owed. I watched it happen to a great uncle. It was sad. The stress they went through when hope gave way to desperation and desperation gave way to the reality that there was no saving the farm.

2016 has been that way for a lot of us. So, I sit here writing this, knowing, that the hope I have that things will turn around with the new year is a thin layer of ice between me and what could be a cold stark reality. But, it is something the human race must have.

Can you imagine life without Hope? What if Pandora hadn't closed her box in time and hope had escaped to never be heard from again? We just think the suicide and murder rate are high now. I am a full believer that those kinds of things happen when the person doing them has lost all hope.

Yes, it will be a hard pill to swallow if my hope proves to be pointless. But, without it... Where would I be? Wandering around this house gripped in fear because I don't know what's coming or how to change it? What good would that do anyone? Frighten the children, put more stress on my poor husband who takes on the burden of supporting us? Without hope... Without hope, we might as well give up now.

I have spent my life uttering the phrase "We always have hope," so much someone once said they were surprised I didn't name one of my children Hope. Hope picks us up, dusts us off, and sends us into the desert chasing what could be a mirage or an oasis. We hope for the oasis while being well aware it might be a mirage but we are up and we are moving. The fight isn't lost until we give up hope that we will find the oasis.

Here is my hoping that in 2017 we all find our oasis and that the mirages of life are held at bay by the powers that be so that we can all have a better year than the last one. I mean after all... There is always hope.

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Ask & Answer

Have you ever given up hope? If so what did you do to get it back? Have you gotten it back?
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