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Spiritual: March 01, 2017 Issue [#8153]

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 This week: What if and Why...
  Edited by: ember_rain
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About This Newsletter

I am the daughter of a preacher and a social worker. Mom taught me that no one was unredeemable with her attempts to help abusers learn a better way and substance addicts overcome their addictions. Daddy taught me that understanding humanity meant understanding their faith and encouraged me to research and decide for myself what I thought was true. I may have changed my religion but I came to believe that all paths lead to the same place. Just because we use different names and titles doesn't mean that at the core of our beliefs we aren't all the same. My newsletters for this section will be all encompassing and encouraging of an all faiths environment. There is even room for the skeptics and atheists because regardless of their view, it is needed to bring balance to the world

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Letter from the editor

When I was little I drove my mother crazy. Like most kids, I asked a lot of questions. But, my questions weren't why is the sky blue or where do babies come from. No, I asked questions like Why do I have to clean my room and why do we have to live where we do? By the age of three, we had already moved ten times and I couldn't wrap my mind around why one place was better than the other. Yes, as young as three I was asking questions like this. Of course, I did say my first word at 6 months and was talking in full sentences by 9 months, so I wasn't exactly your average child. As I got older my response to her was so often "but why" that she began telling me not to ask before I even started too.

It is my belief that it is human nature to ask why and what if. What if is where our stories come from and why is the reason for those stories. At some point, humanity looked to the stars and thought, "Why are we here?" At some point that turned into "what if there is some greater being that created us?" The need to answer these questions and more lead to the Occult, Philosophy, astrology, and religion. Eventually, all of those lead to what we modern humans call science and technology. Now we debate not so much what if god exists but what if god doesn't

That lead me to a couple of questions of my own the other night while thinking about this newsletter. Why do we feel as though we need a higher power? What if that higher power does one day present itself and we find out that it isn't a deity at all but just a more advanced race from a different solar system? What if one day we find that solar system and that race only to discover they are long dead but all the names and stories of our Religous texts actually played out on their world.

Or maybe even worse what if we just made it all up? Would we still have hope? Would we still treat each other with respect and have laws governing things like murder and theft? Do we really need a deity to make us behave? Did maybe we once need one but now we have evolved to a point where we don't? Or maybe just maybe we know better, based on lifetimes of collected experience, so we do better. These are the questions that keep me up at night.

To my atheist friend's I do not believe you have no control over your actions if you don't believe. To my faithful follower friends, I do not believe that if there is no god you wouldn't be able to control yourselves. But, sometimes that is the feeling religion gives us. That without god we would be lawless and uncaring.

These are the things that keep me up at night. These are the thoughts that usually lead to writing a story or poem. Perhaps they are for you as well. If not, then perhaps you might consider turning to the ancient and modern philosophers for their take. Voltaire once said, "If God did not exist, man would create him." Do you think he is right? If not why not? If so why so? And what if he was, or what if he wasn't? Deep thinking leads to brooding and at least for me brooding leads to some amazing tales. I look forward to reading the amazing works your brooding mind comes up with.

Editor's Picks

 Why in the World?  (E)
My sleeping mind considers why the universe might exist.
#2045973 by Joto-Kai

"Love Thy Neighbor"  (E)
a view of our world and what is needed, what is wrong with it. snapshot! quills winner
#2087706 by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv

 Take Hold  (E)
A poem about keeping your dreams alive no matter the odds.
#1126310 by Jessie

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2113461 by Not Available.

 Invalid Item 
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#2113440 by Not Available.

My Little Candle  (ASR)
#1645015 by Chanon

 Invalid Item 
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#2112116 by Not Available.

I Am the Truth in the Light  (18+)
if you need to know if God exists look to nature...
#2093774 by Jim Hall

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Ask & Answer

Comments from last month's Newsletter:

parisbarnes Said: "Hi.When I write I am sad. But I love to write.What should I do? I write so much stories and I just wanna write one but I get new ideas all the time.What should I do?"

What I would do parisbarnes is write. being a prolific writer helps you become a better writer. For me personally, the more I write the happier I am. So, just write. There is no other answer to that question.

Joy said: "Beautiful Newsletter! Your excellent upbringing is evident, as always. *Smile*"

Thanks Joy! But when did you meet my mother so she could put you up to that? LOL

Quick-Quill said: "Expectations. I.e. Those family's didn't find that perfect place they came looking for. What about immigrants? Are they looking for the land of golden opportunities and find USA lacking? On the other hand, all those years ago as then came they brought HOPE and a plan for a better place. With all we have, if each of us worked to get along. Allow different ideals, but toward a goal of living peaceably together. There wasn't peace in the the early years and there have been opposition since. We still are the greatest country or why would all these people want to come here? go figure."

I will let this one speak for itself.

QPdoll said: "Great newsletter! I liked the reminder that life is what we make of it."

Exactly! That was the point my father was trying to get across to all those people we met over the years that went looking for others to blame for their problems rather than accepting that they were partly responsible for what happened to them through their outlook.

So, what keeps you up at night?

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