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Spiritual: April 26, 2017 Issue [#8253]

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 This week: I don't know what I am doing
  Edited by: ember_rain
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About This Newsletter

I am the daughter of a preacher and a social worker. Mom taught me that no one was unredeemable with her attempts to help abusers learn a better way and substance addicts overcome their addictions. Daddy taught me that understanding humanity meant understanding their faith and encouraged me to research and decide for myself what I thought was true. I may have changed my religion but I came to believe that all paths lead to the same place. Just because we use different names and titles doesn't mean that at the core of our beliefs we aren't all the same. My newsletters for this section will be all encompassing and encouraging of an all faiths environment. There is even room for the skeptics and atheists because regardless of their view, it is needed to bring balance to the world

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Letter from the editor

I won't bore you telling you about my week. Let's just say it wasn't the best week in the world and the next few weeks aren't looking much better. So when it came time to do this newsletter I was stumped. I'm not feeling particularly spiritual right now. Grounding then centering isn't working. Even the sage I am burning right now isn't doing much to help. That is probably because I am home where bad things can't get to me without my imagining them being eaten by a Griffin named Sassy. Weird how that makes things seem at least a little better. There was nothing I could think of to say. Then hubby being hubby said something semi-profound. "Things will get worse from here. They always do. Stop fighting it and let it happen. It will move through its course faster and you can get back to normal. Putting roadblocks up for yourself in what you know is your process isn't going to get you anywhere."

He is of course absolutely right. I've been down this road a thousand times. My first reaction after trying to fight the invisible, irrational, self is to run and hide. That doesn't work either. The only thing that works is metaphorically sitting down, breathing and just let the things that are going to happen, happen until they stop happening. Some would call it acceptance, I suppose. But because this has been happening off and on since I was a small child it reminded me of a story Daddy used to tell in one of his sermons. Y'all hear that a lot from me. The thing is this story is true. Knowing that, I went and looked it up and like a game of telephone, some of the details in Daddy's version weren't quite right. But, it made a really good story. It was passed down to him from a teacher at Harding's School of Biblical Studies known back then as CCP, Christain Communications Program or Cute and Cuddly Preachers depending on who you talked to. I will tell you the real story and pray it is as effective as Daddy's version.

There was a lawyer from Chicago in the late 1800's who lost his two-year-old son to pneumonia and the majority of his business to the Great Chicago Fire. He decided the entire family needed a vacation and planned for them all to go to Europe together. Unfortunately, a business deal that would help him restore his business took longer than expected. He sent his wife and four daughters on ahead of him with the promise he would follow a month later. Three weeks into their voyage he got a telegram from his wife saying she was the only one that survived. The ship they were on hit another and sank. All four of their daughters drowned. She was rescued by a man in a rowboat who saw her floating on a piece of debris. The Lawyer quickly booked passage on the next ship out to be with his wife.

The captain of the ship sent word when they were over the spot where his daughters died and he went out on the bow of the boat and wrote the following words.

When Peace like a river attendeth my way
When Sorrow like sea billows roll
Whatever my lord
Thou has taught me to say
It is well with my soul.

Just think about that for a moment. All of the man's children are gone. He lost everything and yet he was still able to write those words. It's is the apex of the Serenity Prayer. It goes beyond religion or creed. Even if you are an Atheist you can understand the need to forgive if not for the other person's sake but for your own. You can understand letting it go so that you don't go insane. Whether you are one of the three religions that follow the god of the Bible and Koran or a pagan telling the sea that you will use its power to wash away the pain or an Atheist just trying to make sense of it all like the rest, those words are powerful.

It is well with my soul. We should all be so lucky as to be able to let go and let whatever we do believe in, carry us through. Even if what we believe in is start dust and black holes.

If you are fighting something invisible in your life maybe it's time you sat down and just quit fighting it. Not because you give up but because you know that the path of least resistance is often the easiest to take. That doesn't mean you aren't going to bash yourself on some proverbial rocks it just means you will get to your destination faster.

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