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Romance/Love: December 20, 2017 Issue [#8642]

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 This week: Giving with Love this Christmas
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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About This Newsletter

Merry Christmas to all! I'm your guest editor this week in the Romance/Love Topic. First, I will not be tired in saying "Thank you" to all the beautiful people here in this wonderful Writing Dot Home community for all their generosity in helping and teaching us to grow in our writings, and it's always such an honor to be part of this official WDC newsletter. Sharing my opinions and views through my articles (and other humble bits) is a privilege that I truly appreciate.

This newsletter will be about my opinion and thoughts about the spirit of Christmas which is Giving with Love and some traditional ways on how can we show or give our love to our love ones this Christmas.

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Letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

Yay! It's already 5 days more to go before Christmas day, but I think Christmas day celebration already begins when the "ber" months (September to December) begun, Am I right?.
Here in the Philippines, the day when we already begin celebrating Christmas is when we started in counting on the 100 days before Christmas and after Christmas, there is still the counting of days before new year, so celebration here in our country will be until January 6 to celebrate also the three kings.

Everyone is waiting for Christmas because this always reminds our fun as well as it's the time of Giving. For kids, it's the time to receive many gifts from their Ninongs & Ninangs (Godparents), and for me, it's the best time to shop because there are lots of new kinds of stuff that will be On Sale, ( I will not deny then that I am a shopaholic) *Laugh*. So I wonder if you already prepared and ready to distribute your gifts and be ready to receive gifts as well. *Smile*

It's also the month where all the members of the family will be gathered together, visiting and coming home to have a reunion, have a long vacation with the family, as well as with friends too. It's the great time to forgive our enemy, to have peace with them, it's the best gift that we can give for them. So, in other words, everyone: adult and kids will receive many kinds of gifts and have its own meaning in celebrating this all-time favorite festive.

Here in the Philippines we have our traditional dining or banquet before Christmas eve which we call it the "noche buena" after the "Simbang Gabi" or the mass at 4:00 in the morning from December 16 to 25 and the mass before the Christmas eve, every family will be gathered together to eat the foods that were prepared after a thanksgiving pray, and then follows by the traditional exchange of gifts of every members of the family.

We have also the traditional mistletoe kissing. Our elders believe that whoever couple that will hold hands or kisses below the mistletoe that hang on the header of the door will last forever, so mostly married couple or some young lovers like teenagers like to invite their boyfriends/girlfriends and even try it.

All these ways in celebrating Christmas not only here in the Philippines but throughout the world reflect and remind us the true essence of Christmas, for Giving shows our true love to others, but Giving without our love is useless, it's like doing things in fake or plastic.

as the writer in the 1 Corinthians chapter 13 verse 2 said:
" I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but does not have love, I am nothing."

So do everything with Love, give Gifts with Love.

But don't forget friends why we really celebrate Christmas, it reminds us the birth of our savior Jesus Christ in which the best Gift that God gave to us and we should really celebrate it.

And through our writings my dear friends we can always show our love to others. The traditional sending a card with a simple quote or a warmth greetings can lighten up a weary soul, writing an inspiring and sincere messages through poem or short story will always encourage a lost one and bring them to Light and Life and most of all we should be always inspired by the love that we give and receive from the people surrounds us, these are all ways that shows true love already to feel the spirit of Christmas not only on the exact day but to be in everyday.

Do you also have some traditional ways of celebrating Christmas that reflects Giving with Love in your home or country?

Why not Write it On and Share! *Heart*
Samberine Sig.

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Hey! That's a cool tip, to let music play in the head to create a scene. I hadn't thought of that before! *Thumbsup* ~ Thankful Sonali fa-la-la-la!

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