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Spiritual: January 03, 2018 Issue [#8682]


 This week: Being more YOU in the New Year!
  Edited by: eyestar-go raiders
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*Confettib* Happy New Year friends! I am thrilled to be your guest editor for this edition!

All set to begin new adventures and to forray into paths of possibility?
I do not do resolutions but I do dreams and queries and would like to share some I keep in mind as I keep growing and glowing!*Star*

"Life is the dancer and you are the dance." E.Tolle

"You find peace not by rearranging the cirmcumstances of your life but by realizing who you are at the deepest level." Ekhart TOLLE

"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change." Wayne Dyer

“Don't believe every thing you think.” Byron Katie "Question every thought. Don't buy the Story."

"Ask and you will receive."

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Be with What is.

*Fire* One of my favourite go to authors is Byron Katie who says it is insane to argue with reality, that is, what is! Blew my mind as really when I fight or complain of what is going on, it traps me and I can't get beyond it to another possibility that would be happier! So I aim to remember to question my thoughts and stop believing the story I tell so that I can respond instead of react to what is going on. I do prefer peace of mind, so it is worth the effort to grow in awareness. I am a work in progress though. *Wink*

Ask: What would you like your life to BE like?

*Fire* Another question I ponder on is "What would I like my life to be like?" and feel the energy of what it would be as sometimes the specifics are harder to pin down. If I say it would feel joyful, abundant, where I am healthy and in a space and work that makes my heart sing, I can choose opportunities that have this vibe for me and create that life. I can add a few details along the way but be open to the possibility that the universe may have an outcome so much greater than I can imagine. *Wink* Why limit myself?

Stop Shoulding yourself.

*Fire* Giving up the word "should" was another key for me that gets me out of judgment. As soon as I hear "should" I want to resist as I hear "duty" and if I don't do the thing I am wrong somehow.*Sad* I have learned to ask that voice in my head..."who said I should?". I would rather choose it if it makes sense to me, than do something out of obligation or a rule that may be outdated. A lot of my "shoulds" were based on childhood norms that may not even apply now. How many of you get your back up when someone says "You should?" I find it is a vibe that makes it harder to do the task. Now there are some things that do need to be done...so I ask how I can change the vibe. Even saying I want to do it, or I choose to do it gives me more a sense of me and some chores being done does make life easier. Doesn't mean I don't have to find ways to make doing dishes fun! I don't like chores! LOL

Be Your Authentic Self

*Fire*I also continue to work on is being authentic always! Being and acting true to ourselves is an old adage and I can struggle with it especially when I am not even aware of my automatic patterns. You know, those blind spots others can see? *Laugh* Our world has taught me to follow the rules and perhaps I have been put down as a child for being real. Writing helps with that as I learn to find my true voice. Now to apply that to relationships in the world so I can say what is for me and allow others to say who they are without the "judgment" and "defenses" that cause separation. The question that pops into my head, learned from Louise Hay, years ago. " Would I rather be right? or Happy?" What is right anyway? You know we all have points of view and not one can make anyone change until we see it ourselves. And we all seek what is true for us. Is this year the time for dropping the role and masks we so defend as who we are? I believe we are more than our mind can even imagine as it is the mind that has been taught what is so. Let's expand beyond the known and embrace all of our being...where that small voice may be whispering its magic, that got shut down or covered in other people's judgments and concerns. Let's have some fun!

Ask Questions and Ask for What you Want?

Oh, and one more simple thing, that struck me in a seminar I went to: "ASK for what YOU want!" and keep at it with certainty, without trying to figure out how. I think for me my askings are too small and limited. What if the sky really is the limit...or even beyond? Hey The StoryMonster s son asked for world coins and.... did he not just create that? You never know who will play Santa when we ask and trust! *Wink*

I don't know what your aspirations are or where you sit in the web of self discovery, and I know the journey to the real me is so worth it. These are just my ponderings and ideas that are helping me to be real...Love is always kind..simple. Let's do for us what we do so generously for others. What if you are the answer you seek?

Have the greatest New year yet, 10 seconds at a time! What is possible?

Thanks for reading and pondering with me. Take what fits and dump the rest. Everything is just an interesting point of view! *Wink* I would like to hear yours.*Heart* We are all in this together.

Be inspired!

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*Delight*Thanks to these wonderful readers of my last newsletter "Spiritual Newsletter (November 8, 2017). *Heart*

Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend writes: "I don't have much and my folks are helping me. They became concerned when my brother & his wife came to visit me & I ordered in for lunch (not having anything to cook). (they told me I should have asked them to buy the lunch) But for me, part of gratitude is showing that you also care about others. It doesn't matter how much (or little) you have. If you care for those around you then what is yours is also theirs.o I am using allowance and shift my point of view and see where I can be the difference."

Mary Ann MCPhedran Writes: "Thank you for sharing with me. GRATITUDE is a word I rarely use, I just didn't think of using, I use the word grateful and I suppose this is another meaning for gratidtude."

Morningstar writes: "Wonderful post and great reminder of what "gratitude" is! I especially like and agree with your words, "it is true receiving of what comes."*Heart*
Thank you so much for writing this!"

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