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Drama: January 31, 2018 Issue [#8723]

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 This week: A Passionate Entourage
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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About This Newsletter

Hiya! I'm Samberine Everose your newsletter guest editor again this week in the Drama Topic. First, I am expressing my thankfulness again to all the wonderful people here in Writing Dot Com for their generous support and encouragement to all of us in order to grow in our writings.

Our topic this week is turning drama not only to be an emotional piece but also to be inspirational.

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Letter from the editor

Good Morning! its a beautiful day


Mostly, when we think about drama, we are reminded of scenes which are full of emotional words that made us pour our blues too, and that sometimes made us think that Drama is boring and we often chose the comedy genre to make us laugh and that will make us be young and inspired. Filipino people especially woman ages teen to golden age are drama lovers, after doing their household chores, they were stuck in their couches and glued on to watch television to follow drama episodes until midnight, maybe, because mostly dramatic stories reflect our day to day life in where we can sometimes extract situations where we can link it to our own lives and learn something, as well as found some few solutions especially when we are facing life circumstances, so drama in its literal meaning is been a part of our life,it surrounds us, whether we like it or not.

I wonder if the drama can encourage us. If we just not only limit ourselves to capture its main reflection and try seeing drama in its deeper sense, we can transform it to make us be inspired every day. We can change and turn down the basic impression of drama blues and make it as an inspirational and encouraging to our lives.

We can turn On the drama to be more relaxing and inspiring in the moment that we open our eyes and glance through our window, and behold the beauty of sporadic changing of the sun rays rising from faint halo becoming an energetic light as the time goes by or when we listen to the chirping of birds which creates a melodic song, it refreshes us, signifying that there's always a new day begins. When we enjoy the smell and the taste of the sweet aroma of our coffee while reading writing dot com newsletter in our cell phones or laptops, until its time to go to our work to accomplish something for the day until we reach again the dramatic setting of the sun in the afternoon and witness its magnificent color spectrum turning from golden yellow to orange and red. Isn't that beautiful? The Creator of all already creates wonderful drama in everything that we see which surrounds us every day in which we can always be enlighten and inspired. Drama is already there and always been a part of our everyday life.

Observe drama in the architecture sense, from an open space for structures to built by engineers and architects to give us more comfortable in our living. Observe and feel the blending of the lines that were used, shape and mixture of different colors and the emotions that stir in us when we are inside or viewing that building, isn't it beautiful? there's already on artistic drama within those structures. Likewise, the way how the painter creates a 3-dimensional painting is more realistic and different than a plain sketch.

Drama is like a passionate entourage that makes mundane to be more beautiful and extraordinary to give us inspiration and encourage us as the recipients to say that life is always been beautiful, simple and yet challenging.

Though emotions are the most obvious to be shown in our writings especially when we scribbling drama in our poetry but consider also the way how those words stir on emotion in us as readers that not only on what the author intended to reflect, but we should try to find the drama in its inspirational sense.

So, tomorrow my friends will be the first day again of the season of hearts, don't just say I love you to your beloved, show it, make a passionate entourage on it, and try to be inspirational. *Heart*

Samberine Sig.

Editor's Picks

Some pieces by awesome WDC members for you to read that you can find its dramatic sense to be an inspirational.

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Snow Arrives  (E)
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#2146596 by Jay O'Toole

Contest for you to try on and make drama or emotional writings to be more encouragement and inspirational.

Dear Me: Official WDC Contest  (E)
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#597313 by The StoryMistress

Holiday Short Story Contest  (E)
Write a short story based on an obscure holiday with the prompt provided.
#2142083 by Lilli

Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest  (E)
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#2055137 by Brenpoet

Write from the Heart Poetry Contest  (E)
#2093224 by āˆžPurple Princessāˆž

Verdant Poetry Contest  (E)
NATURE-themed quarterly contest.
#2000001 by Choconut ~ Emporium Catch-Ups

Oriental Poetry Contest  (E)
Poetic forms from the East. New challenges twice a month.
#2106425 by Chris Breva - Is grateful!

Search for a WDC Heart Throb Poet  (E)
A contest for the heart season- (Poetry Contest)
#2110571 by Samberine Everose

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Ask & Answer

Feedback from our readers in my "Romance/Love Newsletter (December 20, 2017) I love comments!

Clark Kent, Iron Man and any super hero. We put them on a pedestal because they have flaws but they see the good in our heroine. He will save her now matter what. Why? because to him she is worth saving. Look at Gotham. I don't watch it any more but the first few episodes I fell in love with the homeless curly haired girl that came to Bruce's aid. I wanted her to be his side kick and help him grow. Thats not the way its written, but I liked who she was at the beginning. If this were your story, you could have them develop a love relationship. ~50K in 29 days

Excellent newsletter and great info! Thank you!~Lilli

Thank you all for reading.
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