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Comedy: February 07, 2018 Issue [#8741]


 This week: Withdrawal
  Edited by: Robert Waltz
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My parents said that sitting at home playing video games all day won't bring you anywhere in life.

Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.
-Shigeru Miyamoto

I don't play video games because I know that if I ever started, I'd never be able to maintain a career again.
-Jeff Lemire

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My laptop died.

I was engrossed in my favorite activity - gaming - at the time, and it suddenly went dark. No amount of tinkering made it shine again.

I'm tech-savvy and not stupid (except for my jokes), so I tried a few things, all the while thinking about the game and wanting to get back to it.

Hour 1: Still dark. Power supply fine. Simply won't turn on.

Hour 2: On phone with customer support.

Hour 3: Still on phone with customer support. Guy's from Costa Rica. Costa Rica is warm. Where I am, not so much.

Hour 4: Probably a fried motherboard. Heart failing. Mouse fingers starting to itch. Must wait for technician. Could be days. Weeks. Shudder. Okay, I can make it.

Hour 5: Newsletter deadline looming. Time to fire up the old Windows XP machine that never had a fried motherboard.

Hour 6: Still trying to get XP machine to work.

Hour 7: There's a reason Microsoft stopped supporting XP.

Hour 8: Vision blurring. Need a nap.

Hour 10: Woke in cold sweat. Was dreaming about game. Cat woke me. She thought my twitching mouse fingers were an actual mouse.

Hour 11: Windows XP machine on, making funny noises. Must test memory, hard drive. Found old copy of Civ IV.


Hour 17: Tried to get browser working. Stuck on update screen.

Hour 18: Rebooted. Twice.

Hour 19: Browser updating. Finally. Went to bed. Kicked cat out when she started eyeing my mouse fingers hungrily.

Hour 24: Woke in cold sweat again. Started to sit at laptop. Pressed power button. Remembered the motherboard was fried.

Hour 27: Cat fed. Room (relatively) clean. Checked progress of browser update. Went out for breakfast.

Hour 28: Apparently they don't serve breakfast at 4 pm. Who knew?

Hour 29: Tried to use phone to connect to WDC to write newsletter. Phone keyboard, screen too small. Right hand shaking.

Hour 30: Rebooted XP machine again. Browser working. Yay! Unsure if I can get newsletter in on time.

Hour 36: Woke in cold sweat. Right hand atrophying. Cat continues to eye it.

Day 3: Still no word from technician. Montezuma still thorn in side. I really, really hate February.

Day 4: How long can this go on? Life empty struggle. Hope is lost. All is darkness. Only gloom is real. Went grocery shopping. Found something worse than Christmas music: sappy love songs piped in for Valentine's Day.

Day 5: Technician arrived! Interminable wait for laptop fix commences. Nothing to do but play Civ again.

Games? Pfah. I can quit anytime I want. But why would I want? I will take my revenge on Montezuma! Right after I submit this newsletter.

Some funnies to while away the time:

Promises made should be obeyed...
by DRSmith

 New Beginnings  [18+]
Gods on holiday
by George Dixon

 Sonnet to a Lost Bostonian Moth  [E]
"Jane, get me off this crazy thing!" Day 10 of the TMFB poetry challenge.
by winklett

 Truths for Girls  [13+]
just for fun
by Wild-Fire

 Clean, Dead Steve  [18+]
poor clean, dead steve. laura's got a heck of a mess to clean up.
by Lauriemariepea

The Party Line  [13+]
Now available on Amazon Kindle!
by Harry McDonald

 Tammy's Secret Love  [E]
Tammy kept her secret for five years and now reveales it to a perfect stranger.
by super sleuth

 Adventures in Dreamland  [13+]
One of my wilder dreams brought to life. Based on a true story. (Well, dream...)
by Suteki

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Last time, in "Food Fight, I talked about being healthier.

Lilli : Great NL, Robert! Funny and kinda gave me the munchies... my favorite line:

"So anyway, striking a balance between staying healthier and not having an eating disorder such as veganism is important to me."

Good luck with your continued "healthy eating' efforts!!

Happy New Year, Lilli


Mumspie! : You can do it! Although I do wonder how quinoa and flaxseed burger over spinach could be delicious . . . *Confused* Sorry for getting you off track with the whole eating healthy thing while you were visiting! *Blush* We didn't do TOO badly ... *cough* right? *Laugh*

         It's the latkes that do me in.

Editing is BLUE : You are right about one thing. Some of the newsletters are blogs. I like to read the newsletters hoping to find inspiration, help and ways to improve my own writing. If I wanted blogs I'd go read them in their own home. *Bigsmile*

         I figure anything that's funny (to someone) is a lesson in comedy writing.

Monty : Sounds healthy but has it worked?

You know, the best thing about being a pessimist is that if you're wrong, something good happens; and if you're right, you get the satisfaction of being right..

And that's it for me - if I survive the Great Laptop Blackout of 2018, I'll see you next month. Until then,


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