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Noticing Newbies

 This week: And The Winner Is ...
  Edited by: Brooke - Busy Bee!
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My last newsletter was basically a plea for ideas on how to solve the procrastination epidemic. I received some wonderful feedback and suggestions. I would have to say the most surprising was from the Wordy Jay offline . It was surprising because I'd never read it before (and I read constantly! *Laugh*)

"I haven't got the perfect cure, but I've discovered that when I find myself stalling at a new task/project, just aiming to do it badly helps me get started."

Congrats Jay! Hope you like your new merit badge.

Where is the "mind-blown" emoticon? This is interesting! Has anyone ever tried this? I say try it! Don't think so? Not your cup of tea? Okay, read on and see if anything else sparks an idea.

*Idea* Are You Really Procrastinating?

Procrastination usually involves ignoring an unpleasant, but likely more important task, in favor of one that is more enjoyable or easier. One way to tell is if you are putting off things you have to do for an indefinite amount of time. Instead of writing an essay or story for that contest, you purposely pull up Facebook and start playing a game. Yep, that's procrastination.

*Tack* Okay, So You're Procrastinating. Now Let's Figure Out Why.

There are a few things that can lead to unintentional procrastination.

*Tack* Are you organized? Did you know that being poorly organized can lead to unintentional procrastination?

*Tack* Do you have self-doubt? Sometimes when you have doubts about your abilities or when you are putting off school work, it can be because you're worried about failing. People sometimes put off tasks that make them feel uncomfortable to seek comfort in another task that they're more capable of doing successfully.

*Tack* There are also people on the other side of the coin. They fear success as much as failure. They worry that success may lead to someplace they don't really enjoy or even to more work than they can handle.

*Tack* Another surprising fact is that perfectionists are very often procrastinators. Why? Again, it's a self-doubt issue. They avoid doing a task they feel they may make a mistake on; so they don't do it, rather than do it imperfectly.

*Idea* Strategies To Avoid Procrastination

*Tack* Commit to the item you need to do. Focus on doing only that, not avoiding it. If it helps, write down the tasks that you need to complete either on paper or virtually, and some people go as far as to specify certain timeframes for each task.
*Tack* Many people find that promising yourself a reward of some kind helps. Keep the rewards to a certain level or you set yourself a limit on spending though so you don't end up feeling guilty for spending money on your reward.
*Tack* Make sure your internal voice is saying the right things. When you use phrases such as "need to" or "have to," you automatically imply that you have no choice. Instead use, "want to".
*Tack* The best tool to limit procrastination I've heard is to minimize all distractions. The easiest way to waste time when you need to be doing something is to click up Facebook and play a game. Don't fall prey to this! Then again, you could use playing a game as part of the point above and use it as a reward.

I hope these ideas and explanations were useful to you!

*ExclaimW* Just a note. For some, procrastination can be more than just a bad habit; it can be a sign of an underlying health issue. Several illnesses such as ADHD, OCD, depression, and anxiety, are all associated with procrastination. If you think you suffer from any of these illnesses, seek the assistance from a doctor.

Write and Review on! ~ Brooke

Please check out these fine items and if you can, leave a review!


 Miniscule  [E]
A group of people in an undersea craft.
by SkyFall

I retreat hurriedly into the passengers quarters - he's right, the head is no place for someone as inexperienced as me.
Wow, that jellyfish had been huge.
As far as I know, my mother still has nightmares about the shark that attacked her sub a few months ago. I haven't heard from her for a while. I hope she's ok.
I stare out of my window, and shiver as the jellyfish floats back past.
Really huge.


And then, the earth shook  [E]
Tradegy of an earthquake. Surviving the loss of those we love.
by Anne Arthur

Eight years.

"Wilhem's brothers found Jean Luc's body under the concrete rubble of his grandma's house. He did not survive the earthquake, along with her and another woman, a cousin. Jean Luc is dead."

I read the message again, again, and again, not wanting to acknowledge its finality. After days of worries, anguish, uncertainties, our worst fears were confirmed. Jean Luc, my step-grandchild did not survive the disaster. They combed the rubble for days, without tools, with bare hands, always hoping...


 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Madeline Transom checked her tablet. As a personal shopper to star, Amanda Birch, she was expected to pick up trends before they became trendy. Her choices had to be perfect, before she began to shop.

“I wish I knew Amanda’s itinerary. I know what she put in today’s email won’t be it. She may to do nothing at the last minute!”

“I hate bringing things back when she decides they are too this or too that or NOT RIGHT!”

The harried woman didn’t realize she’d spoken aloud, until she saw gawkers.


A Birthday Reunion  [E]
Better late than never!
by the Wordy Jay offline

“I'm sure they didn't forget your birthday. They just didn't remember it right away."

So they say, sniffed Samantha.

“I’m sure the cake is now on its way. Traffic must have been the cause of delay.”

I dare say, huffed Samantha.


 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Animals were given baths and put outside.The lawns were mowed and the paths swept. Anyone would have thought the Queen of England was coming for a visit. Our bedrooms had to be tidy and, poor Tribbles had to be locked in his cage. I had to ensure he could not get out; she didn't want a rat running around, in between the ladies legs. I kept telling her that Tribbles wasn't a rat, he was a Guinea Pig. Besides he would not want to play with stuck up women. He was too intelligent for them!


Thief of Hearts  [13+]
A Quatern poem inspired by an image prompt for the Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest.
by Jeff

The cruel beast that stole her heart
He’s charming, so funny, and smart
Treats her well, so gentle and kind
Fates intervened, the stars aligned


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I received some wonderful feedback to my last newsletter [#8710] "Snapewives and I'm proud to share it with you.

From Anne Arthur
Thanks for helping newbies to navigate around this website.
While I am procrastinating with my memoir (hahaha, yeah, me too), I am still writing little pieces. Soooo thankful to anyone who wants to give me feedback.

Thanks for writing in and I hope this month's topic is helpful! - Brooke

From dragonwoman
I have tried several ways to stop myself from procrastinating: 10-minute interval of writing. Just write, don't correct, don't think about a subject, set a timer. I find it limbers me up for other writing.

Sit down with a timer and just do it as they say.

If your life is busy, just write when you can for as long as you can.

Start and see where you go. Don't let your mind stop you with doubts.

Sometimes its fear for me, I'm not sure what to write, how long to make it etc.

I think those are great suggestions. I've read them before and they didn't seem to work for me. I hope they work for you though! Thanks for writing in and sharing your experience with the other members. - Brooke

From the Wordy Jay offline
Snapewives??! Good grief! You're right -- I absolutely can't unlearn that now (nor did it help with my procrastination issues). *Facepalm*

I haven't got the perfect cure, but I've discovered that when I find myself stalling at a new task/project, just aiming to do it badly helps me get started.

Hope that helps!

*Laugh* That's so off-the-wall it might work! What a strange idea. I love it! Thanks for sharing Jay - Brooke

From Jacqueline
I also love NCIS and Mr. Jethro Gibbs, but I don't procrastination about him, but I do procrastination, big time.

Who doesn't like Gibbs? Seriously! *Laugh* Thanks for writing in. :) - Brooke

From Jeff
Oh, you know me so well! There are so many fascinating things on the internet, I just have to go down the rabbit hole a time or seven. I have to admit, though, Snapewives is a new one for me. Thanks a lot... I can't un-know that. *Laugh*

You're welcome. Hahaha! It's like the Trivago guy all over again, isn't it? *Pthb* Thanks for sharing my friend.
- Brooke

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