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 This week: The Funny Date
  Edited by: Sam bell ringing
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About This Newsletter

Its me again, Sam bell ringing, your guest editor this week in WDC Newsletter on Comedy Topic. *Smile* First of all, I will not be tired of saying Thank you to all the wonderful people here in this community of writers here in WDC for helping us in improving our writings.

My topic today is what some other things that are good for the heart, especially now that we are celebrating Heart Season here in WDC.

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Letter from the editor

Good Morning! its a beautiful day

Hiya! my Friends, *Smile*


Its Valentine’s day, so Happy Valentine’s day to everyone. I wonder if what is on your menu or on the to-do list in this heart day. Don’t just stay there in the corner, and sleep the whole day, It’s the heart day. You deserve to spoil yourself or treat someone or if you don’t have special someone, you can treat your loved ones like your father or mother or friends or relatives or even yourself this day. Remember, we always do something that will be good and beneficial for the heart. Right! *Bigsmile*

Want to know an idea to celebrate and make this heart day a wonderful and unforgettable one.
Date your loved one or special someone to an amusing creative funny date.

Yes!, you've heard it. Funny date or in other words the "fun on a date."

What is a fun date by the way? *Think* just like the given words fun-in-date, a funny date is an informal date, that mostly it was designed or you design it in a creative way that both of you with your loved one or special someone will be going to like and enjoy after. Its main objective is to create happiness, joy, and relaxation at the end, because the main ingredient of this kind of date is laughter, where we know that laughter is a good source or it encourages our brain to extract one of the chemicals of happiness which is endorphin, aside from dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin . This is an informal kind of date, with no candlelight, no sweet music, no dance or romantic style or counting the stars and promises, but still, it's romantic because you are beside with your loved one.

Want to know some of it.

*BulbP* 1.Surprise your loved one or special someone with a simple note which listed all its qualities that you’ve loved on him/her through the years, but if you already have forgotten it, make a flashback in your mind and think the first time you've met him/her. Use the poem of Elizabeth Browning “How do I love thee. Let me count the ways as its introduction. *Smirk*

*BulbP*2. Date your loved ones or special someone, by going to the amusement park and get some rides with the amusement rides, example is Octopus, Roller Coaster, and shout while both of you in rides and say you are the most special person this day because you are with her/him.

*BulbP* 3. Stroll and have a window shop to a department store or supermarket and try to bring only a few money to spend or in other words, try the thriftiest date you know.

*BulbP* 4. File a vacation leave on your work today even how important all those meetings, and walk in the sunshine with your loved one or special someone like those times that you are still having your first date with him/her and feel the beauties of how wonderful this day and make a moment with it. (This will be applied only here in the Philippines or countries with so much sun, but if you will be very creative, you can create an artificial light or sunshine so that it will be applicable.) *Laugh*

*BulbP* 5.Try a relaxing spa with your special someone or love one, and watch cartoon network- Tom and Jerry in the television while having a relaxing sauna and remind him/her on those dates that you’ve did before that made you both laugh and amuse.
Don't forget friends there is also a relaxing virtual spa here in WDC where you can treat your muse and Writing Dot Com Family and friends. *Bigsmile*

Spending this day with the people who always there and love us even how simple or informal the date or celebration is it, will always give a good Valentines day to us that will always be good for our hearts.

I think you also have some creative funny date that you have in your mind or already did with your loved ones or special someone. Why not try to share it here and lets’ get some laugh about it. *Bigsmile*

Samberine Sig.

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