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Comedy: September 26, 2018 Issue [#9142]

 This week: I just wanted an opinion!
  Edited by: Thankful Sonali
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About This Newsletter

We're writers and readers. We talk about the books we've read (and the ones we're writing, but those are not in the scope of this newsletter!). We recommend (or not-recommend) books to each other.

Well, here's what happened when I asked a reading group I'm part of for opinions about a particular book.

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Letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

The comedy I'm going to talk about today isn't the belly-laugh, big guffaw, ROFL type of comedy. It's the type of comedy that brings a wry smile to the face, that has you thinking 'well, that's the way it crumbles, cookie style'. At least, that's what I did.

Here's what happened.

Due to weakening eyesight, I've recently switched to audio books. A friend presented me with Dan Brown's "INFERNO". It has 14 audio cds, each containing five-to-seven chapters.

Before embarking on the read (or the 'listen', as it were), I decided to ask an online reading group for opinions. "Any reviews of Dan Brown's Inferno?" I asked.

There were 91 comments.

Here's a sampling:

a. It’s a good book and takes you on a whirlwind trip across Istanbul. The story is different from what Brown usually writes about. Also the end is a little vague.

b. Avoid it

c. Loved it. In the same style as the others and much better than Origin

d. Only running around. Not as good as Da Vinci Code

e. Best book of Dan Brown

f. I liked it. Revolves around Florence. It's a typical Dan Brown book and being a Dan Brown fan, I loved it

g. He's predictable with each new one of his books. I couldn't get past the first 100 pages, so boring. Moreover, this one doesn't have the layered theology of books like 'The Lost Symbol'

h. inferno.is very average, but Origin - his latest - is very good

i. Honestly, for me it was a bit of a drag. Like the concept was amazing and the plot good but just dragged too much.

j. I liked Inferno . Dante demystified.

k. Formulaic.

l. Good one time read. His books always have something new to learn and explore. Recommended

You get my drift. Ninety-one comments, along these lines. And the reason I smiled was how the reviews disagreed with each other on so many fronts. The quality of the book. The comparisons with his work in general and his newer book in particular. Whether being 'typical' is a good thing or a bad thing. Even the setting, for goodness' sake! *Ha*

And all this is 'funny' because ...?

Well, I think it's because you know that I'd set out to have other people help me decide whether to listen to fourteen cds or not. And, upon reading the comments, you know that I got so many answers that I didn't get an answer at all. I had to make my own decision anyway. So it's the paradox that makes it funny -- so many answers that it amounts to no answer at all.

The conversation in my head would look something like:
Do I want to read a typical Dan Brown? Wait, but some say it's not typical. Do I want to read a book with a vague ending? Hang on, but if it's formulaic, it most likely isn't vague.Do I want to have Dante demystified? Um -- in spite of all that running around? Do I want to read about Istanbul? Oh, but isn't it set in Florence? *Rolling*

The moral of the story is don't count your opinions unless they match -- or something ...!

Read On! Write On!
Look at the piggie -- Kiya drew him, and Secret Squirrel gifted him to me! Thank you!!

If you want to know what my decision is about it, ask!
The comment section is right there! *Down* *Smirk*

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Ask & Answer

Thank you for the responses to "Mews Muse. Or: Why cats do what they do.

Oh, how enjoyable. I showed Panther the newsletter and told him it featured him. He yawned, turned around, and went back to sleep. After all, all the fame is due him. By the way, I read an article yesterday about cats' brains being more like human brains than dogs' brains are. Interesting. Viv

Thank you, Viv! Glad you like the *Cat2*MEWSletter! Thank-mew to Panther, too.

Elfin Dragon - contest hunting
I love the bit with cats. At one time I owned three, of course each had their own distinct personalities. My female orange tabby was our "forever kitten", always running around the house and chasing anything that moved, exploring spaces, etc. Our black male was our "caretaker, gentleman" who loved to talk to himself and everyone else. And our big grey tabby tom was our lazy, needy cat who decided play was above him.

For wanting to understand mewish, it was our black tomcat we wanted to understand most since he kept talking to himself (or maybe us) the most. We always wondered if he was telling us about his dreams or perhaps what the other cats were up to, or maybe what his security tour through the house? who knows?

Nice to have a mewsical family! Cats' thoughts are probably very amewsing. (Sorry. I'm in a punny mood today.)

Well well well Sonali, it looks like we have another winner here in the Comedy NL selection! I am always thankful when I read feline/canine stories here, they go far within that "All Creatures Great And Small" genre, if you would love to know what I thought in this regard! Honestly, I found your story about cats, about the Mewish language all engrossing and FAMILIAR too! I have been the proud, loving owner of felines in past years and having rescued several, can honest attest that each one of the "kids" had a mindset of their own! Ditto your little ones, and am I thankful for your wonderful NL detailing their behavior to the last! THANK YOU mucho-meowcho! Dr J

Thank you for the kind words --I feel like that *Cat* that got the cream!

Anyone who has a cat knows that the cat is in charge, so probably all they're thinking is 'hurry up, slave' and 'let's see how much I have this slave twined around my finger'. I see mischief in my cat's eyes quite often! But I do see adoration too, so that makes it worthwhile *Smile*

Yup. If you paws *PawPrints* and think, that's what they're thinking!

dog pack:saving4 premium renew
I have my service dog, Bella, and four cats who thankfully ignore my two parrots. Dogs are as funny as cats inter doggie ways, while cats inter catty ways often have that I meant to do that response even when they are surprised. Dogs seem to show their shock and surprise without trying to fane some other reason something happened. I enjoy all of my animal family/friends. They are major blessings to me a glorious gift from God.

Wow! That's lovely. Thanks for writing in!

Steve adding writing to ntbk.
The theme about cats caught my eye. I was deleting some of my email and glad this was one I kept. It reminded me of our "rescue cat" a few years back who in fact rescued us.

Lovely! Thanks for writing in!
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