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Spiritual: December 05, 2018 Issue [#9252]

 This week: Letter to the Creator
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow Globe
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Hi, I am your guest edition Prosperous Snow Globe .

In November, I begin the process of moving from a two bedroom apartment to a one bedroom. During the "going through boxes" project, I found the following letter of gratitude that I wrote to the Almighty Creator.

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Creative fun in the palm of your hand.

Dear Lord,

Thank You, for the privilege of birth in this day, and the translations of Your Sacred Scriptures in a language that I can read. I am blessed with the capacity to examine the Zend-Avesta, the Tao Te Ching, the Torah, the Qur'an, the Bhagavad-Gita, the Bible, the Dhammapada, the Bayan, and the Kitab-i-Aqdas in my native tongue. I am blessed by the revelations of Your prophets: Moses, Krishna, Zoroaster, Christ, Muhammad, Buddha, the Bab, and Baha'u'llah.

Thank You, for the technology that gives me access to the knowledge of humanity. I am blessed with the freedom to connect with the cultures of Earth. I am blessed with the ability to see the diversity that compliments the similarities between the tribes, colors, nations, religions, and genders of humanity.

Thank You, for the sense of security that comes with independence from everything except you. I wake up at dawn blessed by the presence of Your Holy Spirit. I intone a prayer, I discovered in one of Your Sacred Books. I read the verses revealed by one of Your prophets. I leave my home with a prayer on my lips, Your words echoing through my mind, and Your Divine Essence walking beside me.

Thank You, for the difficulties I encounter through my interactions with the world. I commute through a city that appears unaware of Your blessings and Your presence. When I intone one of Your names, I receive rude gestures and curses. I am an outcast, with no one to turn to except You.

Yours Gratefully.

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Editing is BLUE writes: My perception of it is Songs. They are spiritual poetry set to music. Look up the song Tell it Again. It’s one of my favorites that brings me to tears when I’ve sung it. It has a personal association with my sister when my mother tried to teach it to her for memory. It was a time I may have been dealing the coming death of our other sister or my own relationship with God.
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