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Noticing Newbies: December 05, 2018 Issue [#9262]

 This week: Newbies of 2018
  Edited by: Octobersun
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

Hello Newbies and seasoned members alike, I am Octobersun and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Newbies of 2018

What does one have to do to get noticed here?

New members to the site are lovingly referred to as "Newbies" for their first six months of being members on Writing.Com. But what does it mean? How does it affect a new member to be a Newbie? And why does it have to stop?

What it means:
You're new here and most everybody is going to welcome you and be willing to answer most of your questions about the site.

How does it affect a new member to be a Newbie?
There are some perks.
- Contests reserved for Newbies only
- There is a review tool where members can find items posted by Newbies https://www.writing.com/main/list_items/type/newbie

Why does it have to stop?
Well, because you're all grown up now.
Really though ... because there are new Newbies and they need and deserve the same upfront help you go as a Newbie.

Once a year, I like to highlight some members that joined the site and hit the ground running with writing, reviewing, and taking part in site activities - whether run by the site owners or other members. Go check out their portfolios or have a read in my Editor's Picks below.

PWheeler ~ love, joy and peace joined the site as a new member on January 16, 2018. She jumped in feet first in many activities, writing and other. At this time, she has sent out 730 reviews to other members! Wow! To top all of that activity off, she is even a NaNoWriMo Winner with 67,931 words.

Linz joined on May 29, 2018, is already a NaNoWriMo Winner with 50,822 words in their first year here and has a small, neat assortment of items in their portfolio.

Roland King 🌙 joined on September 14, 2018. He has already sent out 131 reviews and features prominently on the "Most Credited Reviewers" page.

Mastiff joined on February 3, 2018. They are a NaNoWriMo Winner with 52,694 words. Not afraid to risk it all, Mastiff signed up for the gruelling one-year writing and reviewing activity "I Write in 2019

Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer joined on March 15, 2018, sent out 165 reviews and also ranks high on the "Most Credited Reviewers" page.

DuhhFactor joined on September 5, 2018. They have mastered the art of sending fun, friendly, and helpful reviews. Their 50 reviews have landed them on the "Most Credited Reviewers" page also.

This list could go on and on with Newbies who joined in 2018. If you want to help welcome a new member with a helpful review, go have a look at https://www.writing.com/main/list_items/type/newbie

Editor's Picks

My Reading Nook  (E)
A selection of things to review, or just relax and enjoy reading. Either way, come on in!
#2156856 by PWheeler ~ love, joy and peace

 Ninety Years Young  (E)
Two care home residents and best friends argue about who's calling Elsa old
#2174634 by Linz

 SuperPower Origin Story  (E)
Written for my editing group
#2172303 by Roland King 🌙

Going Once... Going Twice...  (18+)
Delving into the world of breeder dog auctions.
#2174356 by Mastiff

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2153274 by Not Available.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2174769 by Not Available.

Yet Again.  (E)
The hard life of a 2020's entrepreneur.
#2173913 by Xarthin

In the Spirit of Autumn  (13+)
In the spirit of autumn colors brings natural light into the neighborhood.
#2170050 by Sharmelle Expressions

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2174815 by Not Available.

What Kind of Woman  (ASR)
A 2-4-2 poem, followed by a 2-4-3.Very fun to make, although the intent was for two 2-4-2s
#2167939 by C. Yarn Weaver

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Ask & Answer

I received the following replies to my last Noticing Newbies newsletter "Case Colors

Warped Sanity wrote: I love that you addressed case colors in this newsletter. Yes, we are all just people trying to hone in on our craft. I would also like to add that a yellow, blue, or purple case does not necessarily mean we are considered better writers. There are many black cases who have more writing experience, hence they are much better writers than I am.

So true too! Just by looking at the Most Credited Reviewers page or who won at NaNoWriMo this year, it's all case colors. Who we are as a writer has nothing to do with the case color.

Fyntastic! wrote: Thank you for including my short story!

You're welcome.

the Wordy Jay wrote: Hello! I really like how you summed up the "mystery of case colours" for newbies:
Every single one here started out with a grey case. And we really are one color: humanity.
Spot on!

Thank you for agreeing. *Delight*

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