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Poetry: December 26, 2018 Issue [#9298]

 This week: Moments
  Edited by: fyn
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About This Newsletter

Christmas is a time when you get homesick...even when you're home.~~ Carol Nelson

Christmas is a bridge. We need bridges as the river of time flows past. Today's Christmas should mean creating happy hours for tomorrow and reliving those of yesterday.~~Gladys Tabor

Christmas is a season for kindling the fire for hospitality in the hall, the genial flame of charity in the heart.~~ Washington Irving

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Letter from the editor

Sitting here at 7:43 pm on Christmas night writing a newsletter. Exhausted, brain-dead, happy, exhausted, FULL, and happy. As a whole, the time between Christmas Eve morning and right now is a bit overwhelming. A blur, actually, of too much wrapping to do, needing a box so by so and not finding one, running out of tape (although I know we bought plenty, kids arriving, an extra dog and thus two dogs chasing each other or wrestling, sleep? (Not much)

And that was just on the 24th! Today was the normal, crazy, exciting, fun, frazzling chaos it always is. Thinking about writing this for folks to read on the day AFTER Christmas, I wanted to be extra sure to freeze-frame 'moments' that might otherwise get lost in the shuffle.

The moment (literally) getting to enjoy the tree in the pre-six in the morning stillness. Before anyone else is awake. Me and my coffee. That lasted about thirty seconds before the dogs were up and the day rushed onwards. Still it was thirty seconds where I just thought about how I was looking forward to today. Never got to finish that cup of coffee. Indeed, all day long, coffee got cold before I could drink it. But (moment!) it was cold in a new Shakespeare insult mug that I love. Happy tears (moment!) from youngest daughter over a present from her hubby. Unwrapping (moment!) a huge stuffed and squishy owl, hugging it and then seeing my hubby grinning like crazy. Strings of happy moments, hugs, and exclamations.

More family arrived (sans their dog - thank goodness) and I swear (moment) that the grandkids are bigger than last week. Middle grandchild in this batch is joining the Marines in June. Already (moment) there's a faint image of the man he's rapidly turning into. Trays of cookies as more people arrive. The hungry hoards descend devouring cookies that probably took a half-hour apiece to decorate. Moment-made-from-scratch gingerbread men. YUM!

More wrapping paper shreads. More squeals. Moment- all three grands being excited over the most practical of gifts! Dinner coming together perfectly - some how - some way. Blowing my back out midst all this. Moment - hubby smoothly taking over Christmas dinner mid prepare and doing an amazing job. Moment - youngest daughter saying grace before dinner and her words were eloquent and shot clear through everyone's hearts. The dog, after everyone left, getting to play with her new toy. Us laughing at her antics. (moment!)

Three generations swapping stories we've all heard time and again. Everyone listening. (Moment!)

So many moments make up any family gathering. Rather than a blur of fast-forward craziness, i've got a string of diamond and pearl moments. Nover took a picture today. Didn't need to. The moments are all indelibly etched into memory. The happy tears, the anticipation, the taste of dressing that came out perfect (unlike Thanksgiving's) and all the emotions that swirled every bit as much as the snowflakes outside! The moments each are the seeds; not only of memories to be cherished in the times ahead, but reflected upon, refracted through perspective and grown into poetry.

Editor's Picks

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