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Spiritual: January 16, 2019 Issue [#9312]

 This week: The Great Hope
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

Hello everyone, I’m Samberine Everose and I'm here again your guest editor this week in the Spiritual Topic of the WDC Newsletter, and just like I've always been saying, I will not be tired in expressing my thankfulness to all the beautiful people here in this wonderful community of writers for not only helping us to improve our writings but giving us also encouragement and inspiration every day. *Smile*

Happy New Year everyone!

It's the birth of a new year,
face it with a smile and hope
forget the past but keep the memories
I know everyone has high hopes for this year.
Let's begin with great hope.

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Letter from the editor


While we are still living in this world, expect problems, sufferings and miseries challenge us every day. Have you notice that prizes are not the same yesterday, commodities keep on rising everyday that even everyday wage of our labor is not already fit for our daily needs?

Emotional heartaches are so hard to carry, heartbreaks since our childhood due to broken families, the inevitable childhood trauma that brings us to anxiety and depression, shattered past we've experienced, we've been abused physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Sickness is keeping on upgrading too. Many different kinds of diseases are popping up, anyone can be possible to have cancer even if we are being cared for and being safe for ourselves, how about natural calamities, floods, earthquakes, problems in politics, there are many issues but can't make up a good solution, innocent citizens always been affected, tempting them to go on rebellion and on wars, etc. etc. in other words, everyone will surely die. But there's a good news that even how hard those struggles are, those sufferings that we've faced and always facing every day we should remember that there is always The Great HOPE.

That Great Hope can turn our mournings to dancing. (Psalm 30:11-12)
That we can see the joy even if we are in the midst of our pain. (Romans 5:3-18)
That Great Hope will give us strength when we are weak. (2 Corinthians 12:9-10)
It can renew our strength every day and we'll soar on wings like eagles. (Isaiah 40:28-31)
That Great Hope will give us perfect peace. (Isaiah 26:3)
His love covers over a multitude of sins. ( 1 Peter4:7-8)
That Great Hope will make our path straight. (Proverbs 3:5-6)
Who endured everything, so that we will not grow weary and lose heart. (Hebrews 12:1-3)
That Great Hope hears our cry and close to the brokenhearted. (Psalm 34:17-18)
He can restore us, make us strong, firm and steadfast. (1 Peter 5:7-10)
That Great Hope will never leave us nor forsake us. (Deuteronomy 31:6)

That Great Hope is in our Lord Jesus Christ, through Him, His sufferings on the cross, and His victorious risen from the dead, we can also have a Great Hope in everything, even how hard our struggles and sufferings are. Remember that He never gave up on us and until now He is never giving up on us, even how hard all the struggles that He bears, all our shame, our sins. He was tortured mentally, emotionally, and physically, but He victoriously finished it everything. We will be victorious and we can conquer all these sufferings and miseries too, through our faith in Him because our Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world. (1 Peter 4:12-13)

Someday all these sufferings, miseries will be ended, not because we will already die, as they've said that when we die we will not carry all our life issues in death,( Ecclesiastes 9:4-6) our physical body will only die but our spiritual body will live and will not perish when we truly believe and follow Him. (John 3:16)

And on His second coming for us to be with Him in eternal life, there will be no more sufferings, miseries, and problems. (Revelation 21:3-5)

Isn't it good that we, with our family, will be celebrating with The Lord in heaven, no more tears, no more pains, sufferings, and miseries?

Don't lose our Great HOPE, as long as we are still in LIFE, Keep On Faith, Keep On holding to our Hope. LIFE is Beautiful. *Heart*

Samberine Sig.

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Ask & Answer

Feedback from our readers in "Spiritual Newsletter (December 19, 2018)

This was a blessed NL. At first I felt a disagreement with a statement. As I read on I understand what you referred to. You went on to give examples to counter the statement. We truly have an example of the true GIVER in Christ. In following that example we receive more from giving than gifting. See all the secret santas who give $$ to needful people at this time of year. My daughter sent me a suggestion. Buy a $25. giftcard from you favorite coffee house. Tell the cashier to buy the coffee of each patron until its used. What the woman discovered was those who received, paid it forward. They in turn paid what they would have paid for the next person. She told the cashier to tell the customers, if they asked, the giver was in the store. Many looked around trying to make eye contact, hoping to discover the giver. One elderly man asked every patron until he reached the giver. Giving her a hug he thanked her for the sunshine she added to his daily drink. We plan on doing this at our Coffee house this Sunday morning.

50K in 29 days

Thank you for reading, 50K in 29 days I'm glad that you liked my newsletter.

~ Samberine Everose

Wonderful and true article, Sabrina! As you made mention, the best giver of all time is God. His blessings encourage others to do the same. Well Done!


Thank you for reading Morningstar, I'm glad you liked my newsletter.

Samberine Everose

Of course the greatest gift of Christmas is God's Son our savior.


Thank you Zeke for reading.

Samberine Everose

Hello, Sam!

Thank you for plugging my Thanksgiving poem in your inspirational Spiritual Newsletter

You are very welcome Robert Edward Baker

Samberine Everose

this was a great newsletter. you did a great job on this.

~ Rebecca

To God be the Glory, thank you Rebecca I was inspired by the scripture that I read 1 Corinthian chapter 13.

Samberine Everose

Thank you all for reading.

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