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Romance/Love: January 09, 2019 Issue [#9316]

 This week: To love or to be in love?
  Edited by: ~Minja~
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

“God, it does work, and unfairly; but I want her, not any other, not the most beautiful eighteen-year-old damsel born out of a sea-shell, not the most seductive houri of any sultan's harem; I want her with her familiar gestures and her shining smile and her scarred knees, and I know she wants me in just the same way, and if there's any happiness more complete than this I don't know it and am not sure I even want it.” ―Winston Graham, The Black Moon

“I may have lost my heart, but not my self-control. ” ― Jane Austen, Emma

“You are more wonderful and lovely in my eyes than you ever were before; and my pride and joy and gratitude that you should love me with such a perfect love are beyond all expression, except in some great poem which I cannot write.” ― John C. Kirkland, Love Letters of Great Men

"There are several kinds of love. One is a selfish, mean, grasping, egotistical thing which uses love for self-importance. This is the ugly and crippling kind. The other is an outpouring of everything good in you — of kindness and consideration and respect — not only the social respect of manners but the greater respect which is recognition of another person as unique and valuable. The first kind can make you sick and small and weak but the second can release in you strength, and courage and goodness and even wisdom you didn’t know you had."― John Steinbeck

"I hurt with the insatiate longing, until I feel that there will never be any relief until I take a long, deep, wild draught on your lips." – Warren Harding

"Dearest, my body is simply crazy with wanting you. If you don’t come tomorrow, I don’t see how I can wait for you. I wonder if your body wants mine the way mine wants yours; the kisses, the hotness, the wetness, all melting together. The being held so tight that it hurts, the strangle and the struggle." – Georgia O’Keefe

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Letter from the editor

Many of us use word love on a daily basis when we want to describe our feelings toward a spouse, boyfriend, or a girlfriend. You'll mostly hear majority say I love my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend— depends on what kind of relationship they're in— but you will rarely hear I'm in love with my spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend for very obvious reason. Being in love literally means being 'obsessive' over someone's presence and generally developing tangible feelings in the form of kisses, hugs, caresses.

It is the 'I can't live without you' kind of feeling where you fall apart if you lack your lover's physical attention because you are certain you can't function normally without those and without your other half— him/her. We all happened to be in love during our teen ages when our bodies are still edgy rock, ready to be washed out in thousands of waters before they turn into a pebble.
We were probably in love at the beginning of every new relationship when the excitement about the other person is the highest since we don't know much about them; their habits, their social opinions, their relationships with the others. When you are getting to know another person there is no instant mutual trust of course. To build trust in someone takes a lot of time and dedication. So, what do we do if we are becoming in love with someone we just met and who left a good impression on us? We idealize them. We imagine a person who, by our own standards and vision, would be everything we ever wanted in this life. This is one of the reasons why most teenage relationships fall apart so easily and in early stage— it usually turns out the kind of person we idealized is not really the same what our mind conducted.

And then we have love— unconditional one, respectful one, trustworthy one. To love someone and to be loved goes beyond physical love, beyond the chemical, endorphin-filled feeling. While you can't choose who are you going to be in love with, you certainly CAN choose who are you going to love. You know this will be someone with whom you will establish a more secure relationship and overall someone who will accept you as a whole human being, your uniqueness among other humans. And, of course, you will accept them in the same manner.
You will bond and connect on a completely different level, you will develop more genuine feelings toward each other.

In the books I'm currently reading, Poldark series by Winston Graham   one of the main characters— Demelza— loves her husband Ross but due to his peculiar nature and inability to be romantic she falls under the spells of another man, a man who gives her different kind of attention than the one she was used to receiving from her husband. The other man— Hugh Armitage that is— uses every chance to show how much he is in love with her. At first, he gives her attention on random meetings in the town despite knowing she is married and despite the fact she is a wife of his great friend. Then he starts writing poetry in which he declares his love for her. Eventually, Armitage persuades her to spend a night with him which she accepted mainly because she was feeling a different kind of love than the one she was used to receiving from her husband and because she just needed to experience the kind of love that was not familiar to her. Their relationship fell apart completely when he died very soon after that day. Later on, she tells her husband it is him whom she loves but Armitage is the one who touched her heart.

Excerpt from the book:

“So what was the reason? Attraction, sheer physical attraction, which she had felt from the moment they had first met last year; sadness, for the news he brought of himself; opportunity, which had settled on them like a strange bird, making unreality out of isolation and giving her the feeling that she was no one, except a nameless woman to be taken by a nameless man.”— Winston Graham, The Four Swans

There is more to this story but I just wanted to bring to the attention why we need to be in love before we start loving and why both feelings will intertwine through our lives all the time, determining some of the most important decisions we will make.

To answer my own question I would say do both. Do both at different but also at the same time in your life. By being in love with your partner you will keep the passion which is very much needed in every relationship and butterflies in your stomach won't have a choice but stay. By loving your partner you will learn it wasn't about the butterflies in the first place.

Until next time, don't forget to love each other.


Editor's Picks

 One Less  (E)
11/14 Not wanting to fall in love anymore.
#2076324 by Fivesixer

Excerpt: One stupid angel always wins
my heart over my head.
That's how it seems to go
whenever I get too close
      to thinking.

The Balloon Ride  (ASR)
A first date with amazing sights
#2165321 by Shaye Lorraine

Excerpt: “That’s not the only thing that’s beautiful,” Harvey said.
My eyes were drawn away from the view, to Harvey’s face, his normally tidy mousy hair, windswept, and even cuter than before.
His hand caught mine, and we looked out over the English countryside.
I jumped, as the pilot, who I’d forgotten about, spoke. “If you look to your left, you’ll see the Suspension Bridge begin to come into view.”

Harvey pointed, and I gasped. The Suspension Bridge was beautiful from the ground, but up here, it was something else. I finally appreciated what a marvel of engineering it must’ve been in its day. The flowing River Avon and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, coupled with the hundreds of other balloons in the air were a sight that would stay with me for a long time.

I turned to talk to Harvey, preparing to yell over the sound of the gas firing, but I was cut off. Harvey’s lips met mine, and we kissed as orange and pink streaks broke out across the sky. The sights wouldn’t be the only thing that would stay with me for a long time.

Inspired by a poem I wrote in The Poets Place and comments of Tinker.
#2178932 by Monty

Excerpt: Touch of your hand, soft yet not weak,
Breath of a whisper, sweet in my ear,
Brush of your lips, passing my cheek;
I had your love, nothing to fear.

The Journey  (E)
For my anniversary
#2154206 by Jayne

Excerpt: She threw herself upon his chest,
More desperation than embrace,
Steady arms, they did their best
To save her from this place.
For beneath the guilded sheen,
And views for miles on end,
Few saw the soul’s silent scream,
As most looked out, but never in.

The Perfect Love  (E)
Can a man find perfect love? Yes! (Humor)
#1640035 by 🌜 Huntersmoon

Excerpt: My final word on this
to make the list complete -
She'll never once complain
if you leave up the toilet seat!

 Abyss   (18+)
A dive into a soul
#2176325 by 🌙 Darleen

Excerpt: Consumed together in its epicenter,
We embrace, becoming ashes
Molded in the memory
Of our passions ignited

18 Ways of Experiencing Coffee  (E)
How do I love thee, let me count the ways...
#2169446 by Lilli ☕

The aroma of coffee roasting,
A heavenly treat
For my senses!

The joy in grinding the beans
Second only to the tasting,
One step closer to the goal!

Espresso, please!
A delicious shot of black joy.
Dainty cups and lemon twists.

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