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Drama: January 30, 2019 Issue [#9358]

 This week: Drama in a Sentence
  Edited by: Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
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About This Newsletter

I was pretty excited when I saw that "ACRO*BATICS [Round Over] was active again. So were some other WDC members who had been waiting for Davy Kraken to make a comeback.
Why do we like the contest so much? Could 'drama' be among the reasons?

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Letter from the editor

Dear Reader,

We've heard of the short-short story. Like maybe fifty-five words. Or even six words. You have to create the conflict and resolution in a very short space.

Enter Davy Kraken , to shake things up a bit. His contest, "ACRO*BATICS [Round Over] requires you to use words beginning with particular letters in a particular order in that short sentence. He doesn't necessarily ask for a story, but several members manage to tell one.Drama, in a very short space.

Here are some good ones, from different rounds of the contest.
Entrants will have followed the letters and the sequence given by the contest host.

Stephanie Grace

At the haunted mansion sat creepy figures clearly yelling, “Come near!"

Wow! What a dramatic description! You have the place, the characters and their action -- all to raise a shudder.

Another creepy one from MandiK~ : p :

Eight passionate musicians play music harmoniously, entertaining students. But hundreds leave, noticing rats gnawing bassoons.

Here, the drama seems to occur because there's a normal scene -- a band playing to an audience -- when the rodents suddenly enter and *shudder again*!

Here's a slightly longer one from Ben Langhinrichs , to send a chill up the spine:

Something horrible slithers below.
Long-dead enemies reanimated by
Satan's soldiers, evil incarnations
recognizing me.

We even have fanfiction, like Ravenwand, Rising Star! achieves here:

Gandalf jockeyed Gimli’s little sword; xiphoid creation, elven hewn, which saved gentle Frodo’s life.

Neat little summary of some drama in Tolkien's classic.

Um. Me. I'm a Harry Potter maniac. If I can make something be about HP, I do.
So here's my entry to the current round:

Pansy Parkinson, a Slytherin, loathes Neville, Harry's affectionate friend. Malfoy agrees.

And here's a beautiful example of inner conflict, from carlton607

Christmas bells pleasantly jingle in mall; Santa arrives reluctantly, personally morose: Just lost some elves.

Wow. Makes us visualise the scene in our mind's eye and feel poor Santa's pain, too.

Another example of inner conflict -- more private and more hard-hitting, from Bella Bunny

Bulimic beauty eliminates by forcing fingers quickly, bringing continuous gagging.

A sad reflection of our times.

It's not only inner conflict, either. Here's some gentle inner harmony, evoked by BeHereBook

Memories collect kindly between synaptic streamers,
souvenirs cherished and passed between dreamers.

Shannon gives suitors some great advice!

Before Tom proposed, my Aunt Tilly helped Tom purchase diamonds. “Offering jewels promotes happy engagements.”

Hopefully, Tom is successful and Aunt Tilly gets to be a great-aunt, and here we have a summary of birth, giving the emotional and the physical, from Grace Jackson

Birth is for that seriously special someone, lovingly busy, pushing, panting, before baby emerges safe.

I've had my share of fun with the contest!
Here's Backwards Th-INK-er 's second-place winner in round 90:

Some soaps don't clean like the manufacturers claim, thereby maintaining foul body smell.

Followed by my rejoinder in round 91 (which happens to have won the round! *Delight*)

Baths require soap muscling hard at dirt. Indelibleink tried rotten fragrances, with unfortunately pongy results!

Robert Waltz has to give us the anti-climax *Laugh*, with:

Acronyms can sometimes be extremely entertaining; nevertheless, they seemingly evoke somewhat lame answers.

Yeah, Robert, yeah!

There are so many, many to choose from. Check out the main contest forum (linked above) and the winning entries, here *Right* "ACRO*BATICS All-Stars

What can you do, with a very short sentence, in which you have to use words starting with a particular letter, in order? Plenty.

You can:
1. Create setting, character, mood, conflict, resolution
2. Give advice
3. Create fanfiction
4. Tell and continue a story
5. Have in-jokes
6. And so much more!

What you waiting for?
The current round is on. Go create some drama for Davy Kraken !
"*Buttonplay*Round 109 Begins"  

Thanks for listening!
Thank you Kiya, for creating it, and Secret Squirrel, for gifting it to me!

Editor's Picks

Winners, birthday week at "The Writer's Cramp! Congratulations!

 An Urge to Shop  [E]
Advertising that really works.
by debmiller1

🏆Andrew  [13+]
Winner of the Writer's Cramp. A dying girl hangs on for a chance to meet Andrew, her hero.
by IceSkating SugarCube

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

A mono-rhyme poem for the Cramp's Seventeenth
by deemac

 The Show  [18+]
The show must go on, no matter what.
by Winchester Jones

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

All time favourites!

The Writer's Cramp  [13+]
Write the best story or poem in 24 hours (or less) during and win 10KGPs.
by Sophy

The WDC Angel Army  [ASR]
Dedicated to promoting positivity, encouragement, and support to the WDC community.
by iKïyå§ama in Wonderland!

WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group  [E]
Join the fun! We inspire reviewers through kindness and learning! Four time Quill winner!
by Maryann

Three Word Mayhem!  [13+]
Mayhem is afoot!
by Jay

Anniversary Reviews  [E]
Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
by Sum1

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Ask & Answer

There was only one, rather tongue-in-cheek response to "Using objects for dramatic effect -- Robert Edward Baker asking if I'm doing every newsletter these days! *Laugh* (I'd done a couple that week.)
Uh -- Robert -- thank goodness I'm not! *Rolling* Phew. What a thought.

So, people.
Thanks for reading this far.
Please enter "ACRO*BATICS [Round Over]. Create a new post with your entry, in the contest forum. Make sure you get all the letter and the 'jokers' (where you may use any letter of your choice) in the correct order. Check your entry!

Then, send your entry as a response to this newsletter. Either link your forum post {post:123456} with the number on your post, or just copy-paste your entry, into the comment section below.
Selected entries get featured in my next Drama Newsletter.
Have fun!

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