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Romance/Love: February 06, 2019 Issue [#9367]

 This week: The Romance of Music
  Edited by: Dawn Embers
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Romance/Love by Dawn

When it comes to romance in writing and life, I have often found music to be very inspiring. There are songs that relate to all aspects of romance with more to come in the future. Music can be a great source for writing stories.

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When it comes to love and romance, one well known resource is that of music. Doesn't matter if it's a ballad, country, string quartet or hard rock, there are going to be songs that relate to the topic of love. A romance can spark inspiration for a song. There are some on here who can even write music, putting the emotions into the words and sounds that they create. And characters can even find use of music within their story to showcase how they feel for someone.

A couple of options come to mind as we head towards the day of love, aka Valentine's Day. Granted I've not been much in the dating scene so I don't know how prevalent they might be but still, they seem like options one can use in order to have a character declare/show love for whoever holds their interest.

The Serenade - Ah the good ol' method of showing interest in someone by showing up, usually unannounced and if planned right, in the rain or under a full moon to play them music. Often done with a guitar but one who isn't musically inclined, they could simply play someone else's songs. Though in the past that might have been on a big boombox or other type of player. I suppose that now the person/character could hold up their phone if they also get a type of speaker attached to help boost the sound. The song can be something about love or it can go a different direction, not being romantic but having a connection that is meaningful for the characters involved.

The Mix Tape - Another blast from the past type of option. One would put together a tape or cd, some type of option that could hold music, with a variety of songs that remind them of the person or just that say love. There might even be a digital option like a youtube playlist or maybe something on spotify. Either way, it was fun to find songs or receive a mixing of music that together had meaning in a relationship.

Our Song - Couples often will have a song that they decide together or happen upon that has some meaning in relation to their relationship. Often they will play that song at their wedding reception if marriage is in their story. Sometimes it's a little overdone, commonly chosen or sappy but still, it's a real thing that can go on in fiction as well as our own world. Whether characters can get married or not, if music is a part of the world you have the option to give the couple a song.

Aside from ways out characters can use music to spark a little romance, we can also find inspiration for the stories. I've always been one for connecting music with writing. I know some need silence but for those that don't, finding particular songs to relate to stories can be a handy spark of inspiration. I even create playlists for novels and after listening to them long enough once I hear the song elsewhere it immediately makes me think of the story and want to write.

I've also got a few stories inspired by songs I've heard on the radio. One of them includes a romance subplot and is based off the song Happier, which I'm pretty sure is actually about breakup/divorce but has such a cheery beat connected to it from the music Marshmello and Bastille created together. So, the song doesn't have to be obvious in the focus on love in order to spark the idea for a romance.

Even in the contest I run that accepts romance and erotica flash fiction stories, I've posted a few songs as prompts because I find them fun to use. While not everyone uses music as a prompt, it is something I enjoy and am hoping it might inspire someone else too. They are all songs that I like on the element of romance and would like to see what people come up with story wise though might be tough since it has a flash fiction word count limit and whenever I get inspired by a song it ends up as a novel.

Whether you have used music before or not, consider it in your next story/poem. Either have your characters find use for music in a romantic way or if needing inspiration to get started, listen to some songs. You just might get an idea. Then you can start writing.

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What song would you use to create a romance story? Do your characters have a song?

A number of months ago, when I edited the romance/love newsletter, I discussed options for finding conflict to add to our stories. Here are a couple of comments sent in regard to that particular topic:

Comment by Editing is BLUE
A story I have started but never finished. A couple meet on a cruise. They have very strong religious views neither think the other will understand or agree with. As their relationship grows they agree to not talk religion or politics. At the end of the cruise they have fallen in love. Still not wanting to leave each other on a contentious note they agree to part. Both return home. MC is woman and she is sad and going through a grief like process. The conflict is between them by not talking. There are some outside conflicts they have to deal with also.

Comment by Osirantinous
Firstly, thanks so much for including two of my short stories!! Re conflict that my couples face, you know, I've never really thought about it before. But in that Opera one, it could very well have been the opera!! Could a hatred of your partner's favourite music cause issues? Possibly! In general, thinking about my various couples, I think one of them tends to have a family that causes the conflict. Parents or siblings who don't like him being gay and therefore having to deal with that as well as the whole 'start a relationship' stress. Which can lead to secrets and, as one of my novel characters know, keeping secrets can tear everything apart!


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