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Drama: May 15, 2019 Issue [#9539]

 This week: What Reading Can Do
  Edited by: amy-Has a great future ahead
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About This Newsletter

Hi this is amy-Has a great future ahead . I know that, as authors, we already know that reading is an asset to our lives. I will be giving, in this issue, some specific things writing can do for you. I hope you will enjoy the drams pieces I have selected just for your reading pleasure.

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Letter from the editor

For any professional person-a business owner, practitioner or author, just to name a few-the one day to day practise that is essential to success is one of the easiest is implement. Reading every day is something people who are a success in their field all do.

Reading is relaxing. You can breath a sigh of contentment when you get comfy and pick up a book. There is nothing to think about except what is going on between the pages. This can be very beneficial to those you have a stress filled job or are having a particularly stressful time in their business.

It is always helpful to broaden how you express ideas. Reading on a regular basis can consistently widen your vocabulary. This is essential to anyone who deals with different types of people on a regular basis.

Reading fiction or non-fiction can help keep your imagination stimulated. You will be ready to create chapters, programs for clients or innovative ways to handle internal business issues when the need arises.

A lot of people feel that reading takes time they don’t have. I always take the time to read a chapter a day, at least. You can, though, get the benefits of reading on the go with audio books. In your car, while walking, these days you can, pretty much, read everywhere.

Editor's Picks

 Matt Duggan  (E)
Detective Series: Episode I: Part II - The Case of the Mystery Phone Call
#2177590 by jonblair

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#1961712 by Not Available.

Any Other Thursday  (18+)
The world ends on Thursday. A hundred eighty-six days into the Darkness, no crops survive.
#2040103 by Roseille ♥

Repelling The Invaders  (13+)
War is imminent, can the aliens help?
#2190230 by PastorJuan

Runaway: an unorthodox Christmas tale  (18+)
What do Kanye West and the Elf on the Shelf have to do with one another?
#1735381 by Beauregard Vine

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Ask & Answer

Do you read the genre you write or do you experiment with and enjoy many genres when you read?
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