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Mystery: May 15, 2019 Issue [#9546]

 This week: Mystery poems?
  Edited by: eyestar-Thanks Anonymous et al
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
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About This Newsletter

*Delight* Hi there! I am happy to be your guest editor this month. I am more a poet that a story writer and I am sure there are poets out there like me, who also love a good mystery. So I set out on a journey and found a mysterious treasury. *Laugh*

Did you know that some mystery crime writers also wrote poetry? And that there may be a category called Mystery Poems? So...mystery for everyone! *Magnify*

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Letter from the editor

*Burstr*It is amazing that there is a large group of mystery authors, who also have written poetry, good ones or at least with passion! And there are many poets who have used mystery elements or themes in their poetry.

*Magnify* No surprise that Edgar Allan Poe is one influential author, not only for mystery stories but poetry as well. He even wrote Mystery Poems like the Raven!

*Magnify*The renouned Agatha Christie published two collections of poetry!

*Magnify* Cecil Day-Lewis under the name Nicholas Blake wrote his mystery novels while he was also a well known UK poet.

*Magnify* Anna Katharine Green, a Queen of Crime in the 1879 "the Leavenworth Case" began as a Romantic poet!

*Magnify* Dorothy L.Sayers, known for her Lord Peter Wimsey Mysteries, was also a famous poet in her day.
She worked in advertising before becoming full time writer.

*Magnify* Erica Wright author of such books as "The Blue Kingfisher" has collections for poetry like "Instructions for Killing the jackal" and edits a poetry magazine Guernica.

*Magnify* Stephen King, though he says he is not much of a poet, studies the great poets and writes poems. He even has poems spoken by his characters and in some literary journals and his notebooks. One of Browning's poems inspired his writings "The Dark Tower" series. He even gave a character in his story "IT" a Haiku! *Delight* Check the link below to find out more!

Mystery Poems

I was curious to find out about this aspect of mystery. While not officially titled, poetry sites do list poems with mystery themes when I googled. Some reflect natural mysteries of nature etc. while others contain crime, dark themes, detection of some sort. *Wink* It seems it has a broad definition..from the mysteries of the universe and of death to the type of mysteries we see in thrillers, who done its and crime detections. Here are some more famous ones.

*Magnify* Lewis Carroll wrote Three Voices in the Mystery Poem theme:

*Magnify* Check out TS Eliot's mystery poem : "Macavity The Mystery Cat"!

*Magnify*David Wagoner wrote "Murder Mystery".

Now, It's Your Turn:

Do you know any of your mystery authors who have written poetry?
Do you have a favourite "mystery poem"?
Have you written what might be called a "mystery poem" to share with us?
Let me know in the Comment box for this newsletter. I'll get the word out! *Wink*

Sources to consider:

Editor's Picks

*Smile* A few "mystery poems" by our authors! What do you think?

Botched  (E)
24 Syllables Contest entry. Prompt word: Inept
#2184924 by turtlemoon-dohi

 Devil On My Back  (13+)
"I was an outlaw's son, with the devil on my back."
#2183798 by Leah Z

Raynaud  (E)
A dying man utters a name no one knows
#2137345 by Sand Castles Shopgirl 739

 the getaway car  (E)
Strange surreal crime caper poem.
#2182410 by TonyHamid

 Broadmoor Recruit  (13+)
The serial killers view of Broadmoor Asylum
#2137014 by Robert Hayes

Mary Rose  (ASR)
The fictional demise of a beautiful young lady in a frozen lake.
#2156325 by T.L.Finch

 Ballad of Outlaw Rath  (18+)
Ballad of a Western-Type Story
#2126464 by BIG BAD WOLF Is Hoping

Liara   (E)
An old picture leads to a family secret 36 lines
#2126405 by Sand Castles Shopgirl 739

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Ask & Answer

*Smile*I invite you to share your mystery poems, or mystery writers you know who write poetry too! *Wink*

*Magnify* Thanks for the lovely responses about your childhood mysteries. "Mystery Newsletter (April 3, 2019)

You know what type of mysteries I enjoyed growing up? The Hardy boys. They were a bunch of fun!

Cool! I think they win the day today as most of our responders mention them too. *Smile*
Thanks for joining in!

*Heart*Write 2 Publish 2020

You had me looking back at my younger reading days I read Trixie Beldon/Nancy Drew/Bobsey Twins voraciously as a pre-teen. When I was 16 or so I read James Bond(My mother told the library I couldn't check books out without her permission *Bigsmile*) I don't remember books I may have had read to me pre-school.

I remember mom reading "Adventure Girls in the Air" but have no recall of its content. LOL
Thanks. I don't recall reading James Bond. *Wink*

DB Cooper

I wrote "Olympic Medal Mystery" a story for children."Olympic Medal Mystery

Thanks for sharing this cool story! *Thumbsup*

It was Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Scooby Doo for me. Then I got into Goosebumps books. Ya gotta love a good mystery.*Smile*

Yep. Drew and Hardy stories seem timeless. They even had tv shows based on them. And good old Scooby. Kids loved him. Thanks.*Smile*

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