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Poetry: May 15, 2019 Issue [#9549]

 This week: Fluidic Poetry
  Edited by: Fyn
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About This Newsletter

A purpose of graceful fluidity, such that moves with tactful elegance throughout. A noun; abstract yet direct and completely beautiful to all 5 senses.~~Urban Dictionary

Poetry is not only dream and vision; it is the skeleton architecture of our lives. It lays the foundations for a future of change, a bridge across our fears of what has never been before. ~~Audre Lorde

Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular.~~ Aristotle

If you cannot be the poet, be the poem~~ David Carradine

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Letter from the editor

Movement. Translating it into poetry is a challenge, but one well worth attempting. Being able to bring the fluidity of a drummer's frenetic sticks, the galloping horse or the water careening over falls onto the page in such a way as to make a reader see the blur, hear the thunder, or feel the spray is one of the true essences of poetry.

Consider the thrum of hummingbird's wings, the sine wave of a centipede's feet, the raging heartbeat of horses racing or porpoises popcorning in the ocean. Wheat waving in the summer breeze, lightning cracking open the sky or the gentle breathing of a child asleep. The awareness of a mosquito hovering before it lands, the tug and fight of a walleye on the line, --the varied steps of experience, the life waltzes, the frantic fandango of the way we dance through a busy day.

The rhythms produced by flying hooves, by crashing surf or water plumeting over a waterfall. Just as there is music and dance in our daily life moments, should we take the time and breath to see and feel it, so too, can there be dance and movement in our poetic endeavors.

And more, taking these to another level by using them as a metaphor for something else entirely gives added depth to poetry, levels of meaning and nuance. Just as in dance, each movement of hand or head adds layers to the whole, poetry is not all on the surface, but a layering of meanins, images, moments and movements working together.

A phtograph captures an instant, but a poem can capture the essence.

Editor's Picks

The Movement Of Air  (13+)
A poem about the movement of air.
#2178750 by Sobriquet

 Wandering Thoughts  (E)
The movement of musings
#2181690 by Roland King

 Cloudstepper  (E)
Through airplane windows, I follow your movement.
#2179642 by garlictonic

 Interpretations: Movement in C   (E)
winter cup prompt/sample 1/15
#2071924 by Fyn

Storm Suite; Movement I.  (E)
Music in a storm.
#1146897 by Erin

 I am a Verb  (E)
I am a verb, words are hardly my own.
#1684058 by JillTwist

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Ask & Answer

Monty comments: My belief is that poetry is a language of it's own saying more with less words than many pages of some books.
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