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Mystery: May 22, 2019 Issue [#9564]

 This week: "Ideanary" for Mystery
  Edited by: Sara♥Jean
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About This Newsletter

Hello everyone! It's me again. I wear I'll eventually get a mysterious picture to place here. >.< I'm just making sure it's mysterious enough to be worthy. (My story, and I'm sticking!)

~ S*Heart*J

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Letter from the editor

"Ideanary" for Mystery
My favorite Writing.Com Tool, for my favorite Writing.Com Genre

So, there's this hidden tool.

Though, this is not exactly accurate. It is not hidden at all. It's right under Writing.Com Tools on the left sidebar. It's called the Ideanary Tool, and it's AMAZING.

If you've never played with this tool, you have truly missed out. For example, I type in the word 'mystery', and it gave me the following output:

Ideanary Output of "Mystery"

Just to keep playing a little, any word within the Ideanary, you can click on to jump around a bit. So, within the list above, I clicked on the word "covering", and got a new list of words, shown below:

Ideanary Output of "Covering"

You will find some similarities in the lists, as they were related to begin with (since I clicked on one of the words in the original list to get to the second), but jumping around can be fun.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering how this can be useful. WELL, there are several ways.

First, sometimes I just look through to get ideas. You never know where ideas might come from.

Second, sometimes I look through to just find relationships between things. Especially in mysteries, you need related objects, related plotlines, related activities and people and activities that lead from one to another. These word lists can show you links you may not have considered before that might help you link ideas that your readers may not have considered, either.

Third, I don't know about you, but I really like lists.There's just something about them. Lists are just... pretty nifty. Especially when they are generated for you, and you don't have to create them yourself.

Fourth, this tool is a thesaurus on steroids that isn't really a thesaurus.

Try it. You're going to love it.

Editor's Picks

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Ask & Answer

Here's the feedback I received from "Mystery Newsletter (April 24, 2019):

Write 2 Publish 2020 wrote:

I'm in total agreement. I write mysteries that have a lot of drama. My first book is about a man's journey into the past to find out what happened to his grandmother while inserted into the story is the Grandmother's side.
The book I'm writing now is a woman's journey into finding who her mother is and the drama that ensues when someone doesn't want that to be made known. I love a good mystery where people find things or are looking for something. Where are all those stories? A bit of romance, a lot of research and someone who doesn't want whatever to be found or made known.

Absolutely! I think it's really hard to nail down just one specific genre - BORING! Mixing genres makes it best. ~ S*Heart*J

Feel free to let me know what your answer is to this week's question!

What is your favorite tool to help with your writing?

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