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Fantasy: June 12, 2019 Issue [#9589]

 This week: Urban Legends and Folklore
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow Globe
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About This Newsletter

The search criteria I used was "myths of Nevada" and "myths of Oklahoma". I was born and lived in Oklahoma until I was in my late twenties, when I moved to Nevada. AT this point in my life, those are the only two states I'm interested in. I urge the readers to do a search for the myths and urban legends of their own states or countries. Is there something that you can use in a fantasy or science fiction story.

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Letter from the editor

While researching Oklahoma urban legends and folklore, I discovered that Big Foot has been sighted in my birth state. In a forest, in southeastern Oklahoma, near Talihina someone sighted Big Foot. Dubbed the "Green Hill Monster," this creature, which numerous people have seen, has never been caught. The next time I visit Oklahoma, I'll go to Talihina, purchase a jar of peanut butter (rumor has it that Big Foot likes peanut butter), and some chocolate candy (for me not Big Foot), and see if I can sight the creature.

Another intriguing and weird place in Oklahoma is the Shaman's Portal at Beaver Sands, which is also known as the Oklahoma Bermuda Triangle. This is supposed to be the location of a UFO crash site, and a place where several people have disappeared. It sounds like another interesting place to visit. Maybe, I can convince the Green Hill Monster to accompany me to Beaver Sands to investigate the Shaman's Portal.

I've lived in Nevada for over twenty years (I'm not saying specifically how long) so some of the state's urban legends and folklore are familiar to me. One legend, which has always intrigued me is Area 51 (it really exists), the Extraterrestrial Highway, and the Little Aleinn. The Little Aleinn is a bar and motel on the Extraterrestrial Highway. Even though, Area 51 is about 110 miles from Las Vegas,I've never visited the area. I would like to visit it, I mean, who would want to take the chance of seeing a UFO, little green men, or the grays.

Two other places that may be worth seeing are the Goldfield Hotel and the Gold Hill Hotel. Both of these establishments are supposed to be haunted. Of course, if you're interested in ghost, but don't want to leave Las Vegas you can always visit Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum, which has been voted the best in Las Vegas. All right, Las Vegas is a tourist town and Nevada is a tourist state, maybe that's why I look at urban legends and folklore (no matter how frightening they are) as tourist attractions.

What are some of the more interesting and intriguing urban legends in your area of the country or world? Can you use them in a fantasy or science fiction story?

Editor's Picks

The Dangerous Calm  (18+)
A merchant ship, attacked by a gang of pirates. The opening pages to a fantasy novel.
#2190891 by E.W. Stryker

Excerpt: “Row, row, ya sorry sacks! Else these doldrums will be the death of us!” The bo’s’n cried out at the men, as they shoveled their oars through the still water.

Grendel on the Moor  (13+)
A descendent of Grendel Lurks on the moor confused and hunted by a RACC agent
#2159643 by kmack

Except: Loping as fast as he could, hounds baying behind, the monster ran for the river. His nine-foot body knifed through the water, heading for the deep part under the bridge. Gray scaled fore-legs folded close against his body, eye lids drawn protectively over golden slitted eyes, he reached the rocky silted bottom, huddling close to the bridge foundation.

The Most Beautiful Sound on Mars  (E)
The morning before launch, a scientist ponders what he's leaving behind.
#2191714 by Linn Browning

Excerpt: She was standing by the open garbage can, peeling a hard-boiled egg. The early morning sunlight barely filtered through the curtain over the sink, leaving the details of her face half-shrouded as she worked her thumb under the fragile shell and peeled it away. Not that I needed to see details to know her face. I came up behind her to put my hands on her hips, rested my chin against the top of her head and she held up the peeled egg to me. “Egg?” she asked.

The Happy Hobbit  (E)
Wilbo Waggins is happy with his simple life until Gandolf pays him a visit.
#2191643 by Cubby

excerpt: "Aha! There you are, hobbit! I've been looking forward to meeting you."

 Poetry In Action  (18+)
Jackie finally gets a vacation - if she can pull herself away...
#1915677 by Robert Waltz

Excerpt: Jackie flung the door open, spreading her arms.

Activities, Groups, and Contests

Prompt Me Trekly  (13+)
Write a poem or story inspired by the title of Star Trek episodes
#2048721 by Andy~~getting back to WDC

Non-Humans R Us  (13+)
Anthros and monsters discussion group.
#1625765 by BIG BAD WOLF turns 30 6/3

The Writer's Cramp  (13+)
Write the best story OR poem in 24 hours or less and win the 10K GP daily prize!
#333655 by Sophy

Fantasy and Science Fiction Society  (E)
For Fantasy and Science Fiction authors. Open to all applications. come in and learn
#2014050 by David the Dark one!

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Ask & Answer

Elfin Dragon - poetry fiend wrote: I always found the tales of the Brothers Grimm fascinating. Especially since Disney has put such a "lovely" spin on these "grimm" fairy tales. *Smile*

Editing is BLUE wrote: Do your children see you read? Do you read in bed so the only time they see you with a book is when you’re reading to them or with them. Your children need to see you ENJOY READING. Pick up a book and sit with them while you both read.

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