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Noticing Newbies: June 12, 2019 Issue [#9598]

 This week: Read the fine print!
  Edited by: eyestar~POWER HOOP-LA
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
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About This Newsletter

*Delight* Hello readers! I am happy to be dropping by as guest editor today. Did you ever miss out on a chance because you missed something....either by not reading or forgetting in the excitement of deadline? Don't let it happen here!

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Letter from the editor

I was chatting with a friend and reminiscing about being a newbie and one little piece of advice came from that! It was concerning Contests and entering contests! Sometimes we laugh when we see how writers, including myself, seemingly fail to read! Ever happened to you?

I wrote what I thought was a brilliant and funny poem and was worth points in a game! Ahhh! I forgot the WORD count! Sooo.... NO points for the team. *Facepalm*

I wrote an Earth Day Poem one time and yep, did the same thing! As it was RIGHT in the rules to add a WC. It was disqualified. *Sad*

My friend was quite hurt the first time she was disqualified as she too forgot some aspect of the rules! *Think*

As a contest host and judge, I feel sad when I have to disqualify entries because of a glitch like not following all the nitty gritty rules. I am sure others may also and YET, rules are set for fairness and/or as part of a challenge. Rules also help judges with the tough job of picking a winner. *Smile*

I think we have all shaken our heads at the silly glitches we do! And sometimes we may get upset! I laugh now as maybe it is fate. *Butterfly2b*

So the advice is: When You Enter a Contest, READ the rules, fine print and everything! READ it twice! Write to your heart's content and then.... when ready to post....READ one more time! *Laugh*

Look for the little things like:
1. adding Word count or line count,
2. word maximum and minimum
3. Date and time due
4. how to post.
For example in our WDC daily contest "The Writer's Cramp
You must enter A STATIC ITEM, not an entry in a book item etc.
Some contests like "24 Syllables let us use Book entries to save space in our port. {entry:xxxxxx}

It may not always say, so make sure you ask if it comes to you that you'd like to do book entry. In fact, I usually ask questions if any doubt or unclarity comes up for me. Sometimes our intuition is on fire to help. *Fire*

And check this carefully
5. Are you able to edit BEFORE deadline if you post it.
Even going in and adding a word count that you forgot before posting can get you disqualified if there is a NO edit after posting rule! *Wink* There is a time/date stamp on entries and posts! So watch it!

Usually the prompt is obvious as it draws your muse and it is easy to forget the fine tuning when we get excited about writing! *Fairy2*

We have some cool contests and something for everyone so check them out under the COMMUNITY tab or NEWSFEED and jump in for fun! Just remember to READ the rules so you won't be disappointed before you even qualify for a potential win. *Sun*

Have fun!


Editor's Picks

*Fire* Delicious Reads!

 African Encounters  (E)
Description of memorable encounters with animals
#2193123 by Beholden

Life as a Wallflower  (E)
What happens right before a person can bloom.
#2193069 by Gerryonbroadway

 Where do you Go  (E)
When music videos are your only thing left.
#2192934 by Michael Brewer

 Shadows  (13+)
A short poem of twisted darkness
#2192980 by N.A

Newbie Contest entries! Did they read the rules? *Thumbsup*
 Two Dreams  (E)
Contest entry - a story of great deeds and lesser actions done well
#2192853 by Beholden

 What is Hope  (E)
A poem about hope.
#2188737 by AJW

 Nothing to See  (13+)
A man's disbeliefs turns into reality.
#2193137 by jonnigrl1

 Basement  (E)
We have all had these experiences right?
#2193136 by JustaThought

 Circus Camp  (13+)
A old dream is reborn.
#2193108 by Gency

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Ask & Answer

Thanks for reading my last newsletter "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (April 17, 2019)


Excellent tips, Mona. Thanks.
So many of us with weak eyes bypass items that look like a block of wood with ants crawling all over it.
A computer screen is not the same as the page of a physical book.

*Laugh* yep! Thanks Joy.
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