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Spiritual: July 03, 2019 Issue [#9628]

 This week: Don't Mulligrub, Raise Your Voice in Joy
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow
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About This Newsletter

Don't mulligrub around,
Instead, proclaim your gratitude
And raise your voice in joyous praise.

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Letter from the editor

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary mulligrubs   refers to a mood that is "despondent, sullen, or ill-tempered". Mulligrub was a word my Grandfather used when we--his grandchildren--started acting ill-tempered or sullen. He would say to us "Don't mulligrub around!" It took me a while before I understood what he was referring to, but that didn't prevent me from smiling whenever he used the word. Each time I smiled, my mood brightened.

Since becoming an adult, I understand more of what Grandpa was attempting to teach us. That was being ill-tempered and sullen doesn't solve anything. In fact, it often makes the situation worse. On the other hand intoning praise and expressing gratitude eventually brightens the situation and helps change one's mood. Sometimes it may take a little while, but eventually singing praise and expressing gratitude will lighten a person's mood.

When I was younger I tended to rant and mulligrub a lot. I would mulligrub more at 27 than I do at 72. As I matured and acquired wisdom, I found that giving thanks and praising the Lord, by whatever name you call the Unknowable Creator, made me happier and less stressed. It also made whatever situation, I was facing me easier to deal with.

I won't say I've stopped ranting or being a mulligrub, because bad habits are difficult to break. What I am saying is I'm doing both less, especially if I keep an eye on my moods. I have found that, sometimes, I can change my mood if I stop and say a prayer of gratitude or write a gratitude list. Writing a daily gratitude list is a good way to discover the little things you have to be thankful for.

Editor's Picks

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#2189919 by Not Available.

Excerpt: The reddish hues of a sunset sky,

Processing  (ASR)
What happens after death?
#2191159 by J.B. Ezar

Excerpt: "You don't have to fear death. It's nothing like they say it is, but it's not bad."

 The Man in the Silver Suit  (E)
A hitchhiker sparks unusual thoughts.
#2192964 by Beholden

Excerpt: A very wise and good friend of mine once told me that one should always be generous to a man in a silver suit.

Starting Over   (E)
With each day is a new start once you discover inner freedom
#2193147 by Patrick McDonagh

Excerpt: She stood there with abandon
         letting nature bathe her in its warm light.

My Statement on Faith  (13+)
Where I stand on faith, in summary. Seriously.
#2089087 by Whatas Enjoying Whoville

Excerpt: I'll try to explain myself and my journey a bit. My name's Adrienne, and I live in the forests of Oregon. I grew up mostly among many of the inner cities of Southern California. My family isn't religious or spiritual. By age fourteen, I was learning to say my prayers at night. I felt instinctively that God was real, and I became very curious to know more.

Activities, Groups, and Contests

Spiritual Talk Place Group  (E)
Sharing our stories, prayer, sharing how we ourselves see the Word Of GOD, Contest & More
#2084061 by Sunnie

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Ask & Answer

Mia - in Autumn Rains Writes: A Beautiful Letter. Thank you for sharing it. It brings to mind a similar legacy my mother left behind. I have her bible to remind me of what held her through many challenges.

Mary Ann MCPhedran writes: Hi I experienced the same as editing blue's story, when my lovely little aunt who was more like a sister to me suffered with demention and she wa a devout catholic, and she kept asking for her handbag, and I had to remind the family that her little prayer book and rosery beads were in the handbag. She held on to her faith, when other times she made no sense in what she speaking about. MARY ANN MCPHEDRAN.

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