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Drama: August 14, 2019 Issue [#9705]

 This week: What Can Work-Personification
  Edited by: amy-Looking Forward
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
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About This Newsletter

Hi! It's amy-Looking Forward , your editor for this issue. Have you tried giving inanimate objects, animals or concepts in your writing? This issue will give you some animals and objects which can be personified. Enjoy the drama pieces I have included as well.

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Letter from the editor

I love poems and stories which give life and personality to animals and inanimate objects. This technique just pulls me completely into the story. I have even tried it once, with a fly that was trying to stay away from a cat, and I think it turned out fabulously.
Here's a few different things which can be personified and the type of voice and personality they may have.


Big and bulky in appearance, I have always envisioned moose having booming, loud voices with a gravelly tone. There personalities would probably be the same-rather gruff and ornery.


Deer are smaller and more delicate in appearance. I think that deer should have lilting, soft voices and ladylike, or prissy, personalities.


These animals tend to be seen as rascals and thieves. I think that raccoons should have high pitched, nasally voices that tend to be irritating. I have always envisioned raccoons having sly, cunning personalities. Not characters others would trust.

Tea Cup

Tea cups are delicate and, usually, very pretty. I think that their personalities should be much the same. If I were to personify a tea cup it would have haughty voice. In personality it would be stuck up and full of itself.


This is the tallest of the bedroom furniture, and is sometimes part of living room furnishings. I think the best voice for a live highboy would be jolly and deep, like Santa Claus. The highboy's personality would be helpful and welcoming. After all, it holds some of our most comfortable clothes.

Coffee Table

This piece of furniture is the centre of the living room and the centre of the home when company comes. I see this piece of furniture have a soothing voice which is melodic and relaxing. I would see a coffee table as very lively and welcoming, jolly, but in a polite way.

These, of course are just suggestions. Let your imagination run away with you when giving a voice to something that normally would not have one. Have fun.

Editor's Picks

 Miranda  (13+)
Sometimes fame is not all it's made out to be. A story of 850 words.
#2197869 by hullabaloo22

 Actions speak  (E)
Actions speak louder than words.
#2197829 by Nogivingup

From the Riverside  (18+)
A unique way of getting back at someone who wronged a friend
#1200347 by Joy

 Aerobics   (E)
She had time to reflect
#2197435 by Sumojo

KARMA is not a bitch.
#2197757 by Viji

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Ask & Answer

What animals or objects have you had the most fun personifying in your writing?
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