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Horror/Scary: August 14, 2019 Issue [#9710]

 This week: The Science of Horror
  Edited by: Kate ~ Retooling
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About This Newsletter

Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment.
There is no why.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
Edgar Alan Poe

         Greetings, and welcome to this week's edition of the WDC Horror/Scary Newsletter.

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Letter from the editor


         I ask you to consider the realm of what humans create either by physical manipulation (i.e., building a bookshelf or a house or a towel rack), or by imagination (i.e., creating worlds within worlds peopled by mortals animate or inanimate and by creatures both like and unlike us). What we image, what we dream, as writers we commit to paper or screen, to share with readers that we not be alone (in the dark or the light?).

         We are not alone in this universe. This of H.P. Lovecraft who explored the realm of ordinary life as a thin shell over a reality which was so alien and abstract in comparison that merely contemplating it would damage the sanity of the ordinary person.

         Ray Bradbury, more recently, is perhaps the successor who has taken science (fiction) and created interactions between tangible creations of mortals or alien beings and the visceral, internal reaction of mortals with such creations. Known by most for his science fiction, i.e., Martian Chronicles, Bradbury first wrote short stories which explored not only external but internal alternative realities where what one encounters in the mundane world is not as it appears, but embraces that which one perhaps catches out of the corner of a mirror. Do a double take, there's but a shadow, but you know you saw something there, right?

         I recently re-read a collection of Mr. Bradbury's short stories, "The October Country," and the blend of science, metaphysics, and horror had me devouring the stories (in a well-lighted room with the doors locked). Science fiction is a valid and enticing partner to horror. What we can envision, we can build, either physically or create of the mind. With visual, tactile, sensual imagery we can share our 'creation' with our readers in prose and verse, and take them along with us to our 'October Country.' Consider as well Jonathan Maberry, creating 'otherworlds' that cross borders to weave horror in science, fiction, and fantasy. Some call it speculative fiction, but I say, use the word proudly - evoke in your readers the Horror that lies just beneath the surface, or perhaps at the far end of the drain?
         *Gears* What is the ochre that lubricates the gears ?
         *Beakerv* What is the essence that wakes the leviathan ?
         *Watch* What is it that starts the motor that eats the flesh ?
         *Microscope* Your postulate ?

         Think about it, imagine it, create a hypothesis, and weave the tale. Consider sharing with our community and maybe as well in print ~ Tin House is open to submissions through October 15th ~ *Pencil*


Until the next time,
Write On !
Kate ~ Retooling

Editor's Picks

Embark upon the journeys to 'otherworlds' envisioned by members of our Community, then build one of your own *Gears*

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#2197138 by Azrael Tseng

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A homeless man maintains a temple to an unlikely God accepting extreme sacrifices.
#2191232 by J.B. Ezar

The Lucky Ones  (18+)
4 Friends on a bike ride make a life changing discovery
#2190946 by John Yossarian

 Making Contact  (13+)
We all learn from our failures
#2182989 by Ray Scrivener

Feeding The Beast  (18+)
Weekly winner of SCREAMS!!! Two teens are put in charge of feeding the beast...
#2182926 by IceSkating SugarCube

 Stalker  (13+)
Time Travel, Creepers, and... something else - SCREAMS!!! Entry
#2163169 by Bert Macklin, FBI

Traffic Jam  (GC)
It should have been the happiest day of Paul's life.
#2162272 by Warped Sanity

A Daily Contest Of Horror And A Three Time Quill Award Winner!
#2020439 by Angus

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Ask & Answer

         As the dog days of summer in the norther depart, fireflies give way to crickets, and lawnmowers to leaf blowers and chainsaws - hmmm, what abides in that repository of mechanized tool-ery?

Until the next time,
Write On *Gears**Spider*
Kate ~ Retooling
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