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For Authors: September 11, 2019 Issue [#9747]

 This week: Celebrating a Writing Home
  Edited by: Vivian
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

         In March 2002, I discovered Stories.com and remained a member when and after Stories.com became Writing.Com, a home for writers and others who love the use of words: stories, reading, poetry.

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Letter from the editor

W.Com, Home for Writers

         After nearly 30 years, I retired from teaching July 2001 due to heath issues. I felt lost at sea with no way to steer the boat called life. March 2, 2002, a friend introduced me to Stories.com. I read and reviewed writings from unknown people. I wrote and saved stories and poetry to my port. My first contact with the Storymaster came when my port on the free membership couldn't hold another item.

         For a few months, I would delete an older item to add a new item. Then, my email held a gift: Someone had gifted me a year's membership. At that time, fewer levels of membership existed as now. Also, Stories.com became Writing.Com. I found a home.

         For the first 15 years, I stayed active on the site. I joined and started groups; I mentored members (returning the favor I received from others); I held contests; I visited on scroll/messenger; I reviewed hundreds of items written by W.Com members.

         I also moved from a black case, to a yellow, to a blue (moderator) and became a newsletter editor. All the while, I wrote and shared my work, filling my port until full. Several other members and I began a children's eZine. I can't remember their user names, but the eZine became quite popular. However, some of us had life problems take over time and energy.

         My health and small publishing company became more time consuming, and I did less and less on W..Com. I continued to do my newsletter, though, thanks to the Storymaster and Storymistress allowing me to continue contribute what I can.

         Happy birthday, W.Com. You have become a home for many writers. May you have many more birthdays.

Editor's Picks

Writings from W.Com

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

Writing.Com Party Central 2019!  [E]
We're celebrating our 19th birthday! Stop in to see what's going on!
by The StoryMistress

One Writer's Favorites!  [E]
Awarding, Listing & Highlighting Outstanding Writing and Creating For 17 Plus Years
by ♥tHiNg T tHiNg♥

 A Newspaper Article About Writing.Com  [E]
Wanting to practice what I preach, I wrote this for our weekly newspaper.
by Kenzie

Writing.Com: City of Writes  [E]
My tribute to Writing.Com.
by Davy Kraken

Submitted by Masterclass student
Here is the link to my first "Chapter" of my suspense story:
 Ice Carnaval  [18+]
Body parts are discovered in the ice
by Masterclass student

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Ask & Answer

Words from Our Readers

Wonderful tips on creating suspense. Thanks, Vivian! *HeartP*

Suspense like anguish is the base of any story.It renders the story both interesting to read and credible.Here are some featured advices on how to create suspense. It is useful indeed!

Thanks VIV, I'm printing this and keeping it close as I write a story about two detectives looking for a serial killer. Great stuff here. I'm checking out the website too. I'll send the link to chapter 1 or the "hook" as I haven't saved it to Wdc yet.

         Thank you for comments. I appreciate each one.

*BalloonB**BalloonR**BalloonP**CakeB* Happy 19th Birthday, W. Com *CakeB* *BalloonP**BalloonR**BalloonB*

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