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Drama: October 09, 2019 Issue [#9795]

 This week: Elements of every real life Drama
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
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About This Newsletter

Hello everyone, I’m Samberine Everose and I'm here your guest editor this week in the Drama Topic of the WDC Newsletter, and just like I've been saying I will not be tired in expressing my thankfulness to all the beautiful people here in this wonderful community of writers for not only helping us to improve our writings but giving us also encouragement and inspiration every day. *Smile*

Did you know that we have a big drama and we are portraying our role every day.
There are elements to consider so that we may be aware and will play our role satisfactory.

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Letter from the editor

Elements of every Real Life Drama

Every creature has its own unique drama in life that they are performing every day.

Just by looking already a single leaf that falls from a tree during the autumn season, when we apply the slow-motion effect of observing it, it creates a dramatic appeal already, a nostalgy? a memory.
Nature indeed has also its own unique drama.

Drama in its basic meaning in the writing world is a piece of writing which is creatively presented more in the dialogue manner, it can be similar to a short story, but drama has to be more impact, and the emotions should be more realistic.
Because by using the writer's ability in keen observation and artistical presentation of words, the drama will be observed more aesthetically to the audience.
Just by demonstrating or showing already a scene in a story, there are different elements that the author may add on it to adjust and enhance more its dramatic sense.

Real-life too has its own drama with elements that may also link to how the author writes drama in the writing world.
Here are some of the said elements for you to consider that may reflect the drama in life too.

*BulletP* Character- this is one of the main important elements that a drama should have, this will consist of two parts, the main characters, and supporting characters, without this element, the drama or story will be monochromatic.
Character in real life is also important, it's us, the one who is performing the drama which is called life. Without the main character or the supporting characters in our life which are others, life is too boring, the drama would be boring.

*BulletP* Setting -this element explains the place and time of the drama or story. In drama the setting here is the stage with the audience, it explains here also how the story or drama will have a good sequence of the story.
In our real life, the setting will be the place and time each one has, in other words setting explains the time we live, the places we went through.

*BulletP* Symbol- Symbol as an element of drama in the writing world talks about the meanings of every character that we add in the story, their personalities or even the scene, on what had happened in the story, what's it's impact or the way that the reader understood in it in the figurative or metaphorical means and manner.
Example The letters of Paul from the Holy Scripture speaks about joy in times of suffering and pain which releases hope.

In our real-life- Symbolism explains about our personality that we build up through traditional genetic traits, the environment, or our will in every situation that we have/had, the way how we perceive our own situation, of what ability or character we may develop from the things that we encounter. This serves as a symbol and it may encourage us if we should go forward into our walk or stay and quit.

*BulletP* Dialogue- The dialogue characteristic in a story or drama is the way on how the characters perform, talk, and move in the story. Every author can adjust this through the way on how they already developed their characters.
In real life-dialogue is the way on how we react to our life situation.

*BulletP* Plot- The Plot is the subject or theme of how the story or drama went through, without this the said story or drama would be incomplete and no either life.
Same us too in our real life, the Plot is where our Creator created for us, it's our path that we are journeying every day, the way how our life goes here on earth, this may consist maybe struggling, failure, action, the climax in our life, the resolution and conclusion but whatever it is even we started in a small slow steps and our life is struggling, remember that we should always trust Him, the Creator who always gives a good plot to our life story, His purpose and will is always the best.

We have each own unique drama called life, and we are portraying it in our own stage with our loved ones and others as our audience for a period of time. There will come a time that it will end, as every play goes in every drama. The question is are we portraying our best to create a good drama so that the Author of our life will exclaim it to the end not only Lights!, Camera! Action! as every director said it in every play, but more on be "Well Done my Child, welcome home! . *Heart*

Samberine Sig.

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