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Spiritual: October 09, 2019 Issue [#9796]

 This week: BEING in gratitude
  Edited by: eyestarspook
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About This Newsletter

*Delight* Happy days of the season of your corner of the world! Here in Canada, we celebrate Fall and the harvest time with grateful hearts and hands. *Pumpkin2* So, as your guest editor for this edition, I am thrilled to be able to share my thoughts on gratitude.

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Letter from the editor

*Pumpkin2* Our Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend is coming up in a week and it is such a great time to be aware of the abundance the earth offers during the harvest of our foods. I live in an area where many folks love to garden and can, freeze and store fresh produce for the winter. Yummy! I do not have a space for it myself, but helping harvest with others is satisfying and makes me recall childhood harvests. And I get to share in the bounty for my own freezer!

I was thinking about this newsletter and how grateful I was for these gifts: food, friends and surprises.

*Questionbr*Did you ever notice how Gratitude is a Being, not a doing, or a feeling? Say this: I am grateful. I was grateful. *Wink* We use the verb "to be" and the word gratitude is a noun.

I meet people who say they do not feel gratitude or feel they need to do something to show they are grateful. I get what they mean as sometimes when I receive and am grateful I do not have emotional response. One can BE grateful in silence of the heart without fanfare. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could all BE grateful more often with consciousness?

When I began to practise and not just go by the feeling, it became easier to be grateful for everything without judging, as you know judgement and gratitude cannot occupy the same space in you at the same time.*Laugh*
I learned to discern why gratitude was sometimes mucky. Remember getting a gift and really not liking it, or having a favour given and yet having the feeling the giver was giving to get something in the future? I was always told to be grateful but it did not feel like a happy grateful. *Laugh* I get it NOW! It really is a state of mind. The thought counts and you can always Not do the favour back unless you choose. IT was very freeing to get that vibe that Life is for us, even if we don't always see it..

I was amazed to see how cool things would show up too as my receiving energy widened as well.

An example for this year, as the universe is so generous, I was gifted a fabulous free herbal walk and gourmet dinner with all natural herbs and foods from the land. And later, a fabulous stay at a lodge up north, complete with a wedding feast, dance and travel in a convertible! All free for me! Wow!
Last week I went to PEI with a friend, who gifted me the trip, as it really pleases her to gift from her abundance!
Talk about gratitude...mixed with excitement! I am! I am! It is one happy thanksgiving! And that day is NOW!

Everyday is a thankful day...and from there we can create miracles. Be Joy!

*Questiono*So why are you being grateful? Has it helped you open to receive more in the flow of the abundance of the universe? Are you creating miracles and saying YES please and THANK you? *Heart**Bigsmile**Starstruck*

How about keeping a gratitude journal to track 10 things a day to be grateful for? You may find the number multiplies as you go along! *Delight*

Have a Happy Thankful day, always!

eyestar *Star**Fairy2*

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*Smile* What are you grateful for? Have you told anyone and expanded the joy?*Heart* Do you keep a journal of gratitude to build you up and to raise you on the dumpy days?

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