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Noticing Newbies: November 06, 2019 Issue [#9849]

 This week: Story Ideas: They're Everywhere!
  Edited by: Jace
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
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About This Newsletter

Hi, I'm Jace .

Welcome to this issue of the Noticing Newbies newsletter. Join me as I take you into some nooks and crannies of Writing.Com that you may not have found time to check out yet. This newsletter is about and for you. And for you seasoned members, I hope you'll find something you can take from my ramblings. *Smile*

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Letter from the editor

From where do your ideas for your stories, your poems, your essays or your novels come? I've been writing off and on for some 50 years. At times I've hated writing; most times I've loved writing. I can imagine few pastimes worthy of such creative endeavors.

All the stories, poems and essays I've written have one thing in common--they all started with an idea. I can honestly say I've never had trouble coming up with story ideas. Now, actually having time to write is a different story altogether. That's a subject for a different time.

Most likely I find my ideas from the same places as you. But maybe not.... Let's list some of my favorite haunts.

Book Stores: My fave place is Barnes and Nobles. I love the feel of a real book in my hands, and have a pretty extensive writing reference library. My books do NOT just collect dust--each week I pick up a book to search for the answer to some grammar or thematic question. The writing reference section at a book store contains a plethora of books containing writing prompts or story ideas. But books cost money.

WDC's Writing Prompts: This feature of WDC may be found under Writing.Com Tools in the Navigation Menu, and costs nothing to use. Containing more than 800 prompts, some with suggested genres, the feature also allows a member to submit their own prompts to the system. You can also download a Writing Prompts app and Character Prompts app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android or Kindle. Take some time to browse the prompts. Your next story may be there.

The Internet: Type "writing prompts" into Google and literally thousands of sites listing prompts and ideas are displayed. Pick one ... or several. How much time do you have to devote to searching for ideas?

Brainstorming: Get together with writers from your local writing group or with fellow members here on WDC. Become a member of one of many groups on site. Certainly there's an existing group for your favorite genre(s). If not, start one, and then start a library of ideas for your group.

Personal Observations: The bulk of my ideas come from my own personal experiences and observations. I'm a people watcher. I watch family, friends, co-workers, strangers, children, adults, and even animals. Sometimes I'll just sit in a quiet room and let my mind wander. Or, I'll sit at a coffee shop or at a mall while my wife shops watching the interactions going on about me. I carry a small notebook in which I jot down ideas or potential characters. If I'm in a situation in which I can't write, I'll place a voice note on my phone. Often my hardest task is to collate all these ideas into some coherent fashion, or into an order which I can access easily.

Where do YOU get your ideas? Please take a moment and let me know. Write on!

Editor's Picks

Check out these Newbies (I've selected folks who have filled out their Biography or something in their Bio-Block). Take a moment to review something in their Port ... or just say hi.

 Tata Crubon  (13+)
An old man's usual Monday turns to chaos, makes him reflect on his youth and his choices.
#2203536 by George Hudoba

 It's About The Heart Not About The Color  (E)
Love with a different race. Family acceptance. Marrying the man who stole my heart.
#2204670 by Lucky Lady

 In memory  (ASR)
Death is not the end of life
#2204331 by Niffler

Things that go Bump in the Night  (E)
As you do your morning routine you listen to the news. Something isn't right...
#2204467 by K.M.Baker

 21 Hours  (E)
I'll wait for you to count the hours too
#2204629 by Hana

 Feeling Your Feelings...Worthwhile?  (E)
Psychology, "Bad" Feelings, Society, Ted Talks, Emotions, Emotional Courage, Coping
#2203253 by Jkenley1

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Ask & Answer

Thanks for spending time with me today. If you liked what you read (or if you didn't), please take time and drop me a line. I'd love to hear your ideas.

From the mailbag:

From K.HBey : This is an interesting issue about how to be rewarded. Indeed such rewarding concept motivates members to go forward and furnish further endeavors. This contributes a lot to the enhancement of the creation. Good!

          I think awards and rewards stimulate one's desire for improvement.

From BusmanPoet : Achievement awards are nice. But the only person I need to achieve for is myself and nothing material.

         I agree that one should be satisfied with his or her achievements. But these awards, like the rest of Community Recognition, are available to all who participate on WDC. And participation, in my humble opinion, leads directly to improvement in one's writing skills.

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