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Horror/Scary: November 06, 2019 Issue [#9853]

 This week: Daydreams ~ Possibilities
  Edited by: Creepy Crypt~Keeper Kate
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About This Newsletter

All that I see or seem is but a dream within a dream
Edgar Alan Poe

Never state an horror when it can be suggested.
H.P. Lovecraft

         Incite the muse creative to plumb the depth and breadth of that which thrills with chills even in the heat of day ~ Come explore with us that which incites fear ~ the unknown and untested and until now perhaps unrevealed ^_^

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Letter from the editor

         In Your Dreams - how often have you said that, or heard it said, with sarcasm. Perhaps when you know (or think you know) someone's lying about an accomplishment or adventure. But look at it another way - what if it's true. What if the phrase, like many others, is derived from reality, before society 'teaches' us how to correctly think. Where but in our dreams can we engage the terrors that lie within or without our mortal realm?.

         Think about it, it's only humankind that kills or tortures for pleasure, is it not? In our dreams we can be empowered and best the beast within - and without. We also supposedly use only 10 or so percent of our brains in daily existence, so the other 90+% is where we create and travel and perhaps encounter horrors outside daily discourse.

         What if we are not the only sentient beings on this planet either as residents or visitors. In our dreams we can explore what we dare not give breath to in the daily mundane and, if we’re lucky, best the beasts.

         By dreams, I'm thinking daydreams. Perhaps you’ve relished the ozone aroma as cellphones tattoo themselves into the cheeks of a busload of babbling banshees caught beneath the sizzling live wires of a broken utility pole. Perhaps the train station’s dead end is a real ‘dead’ end, the exit leading to another plane (not airplane), and you have to get off before the train stops, somehow.

                   Or maybe … fill in your own dark, terrifying vision. And you have a horror story fit to write, and share with your readers.

         It's been said that Einstein and Newton each arrived at some of their most meaningful postulates while daydreaming. This wasn't zoning out, mind wandering without direction while you're supposed to be attending to technical details, instructions, and the like. Conscious daydreaming, I think, is following the random thought or image that appears while attending to a mundane task, watching a boring show, something that doesn't engage the mind.

         Consider, perhaps, while doing spring cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, raking last fall's leaves. You aren't really considering the leaf being raked, the bottles being dusted, but, what if, that bottle morphs to a flagon of cheap wine being substituted for a quality one, which is then served at a special dinner to the guests’ gastronomical mortification. After he slept it off, could one of the guests have dreamed the Cask of Amontillado? If Poe left such a note, we’ll likely never know, but you see where I’m coming from. Follow the thread of the images that peek in to keep the mind awake; empower your darkest dreams (and daydreams) in a horror story or verse. Your readers will get it, and you’ll sleep well, with the incubus of the story off your chest, or not?

         Perhaps your dream (night or day) is ready to release to the unsuspecting ~ check out the following ~


Write On !
Creepy Crypt~Keeper Kate

Editor's Picks

See what some of our members have revealed, or released, in their dreams - night and day ~ enter their vision and let them know you're there for them with a review, perchance

Daydreaming  (18+)
The strangest thoughts can cross a mind while daydreaming
#2146632 by NaNoing Shaye

The Cloaked Gathering  (13+)
A dream... or resurrection?
#2203286 by Cubby spreading kindness...

Relentless  (13+)
Grim, dark shapes of doom. Winner Week 2 at Dark Dreamscapes, October 2019.
#2203146 by Beholden

The Devil's Own  (13+)
Maybe you can judge a book by its cover... A Dark Dreamscapes Entry
#2202711 by 🌙 HuntersMoon

 Please! Let This Be A Dream  (13+)
Dream or nightmare - it is real.
#2159123 by Paul D

 The Man at the Door  (E)
The story of an old man, who has a visitor at his home.
#2204833 by Parmeshawn

Things that go Bump in the Night  (E)
As you do your morning routine you listen to the news. Something isn't right...
#2204467 by K.M.Baker

The Ghost in Your Noisy Head  (GC)
'Sharing is truly what makes this hour of disguises the most wonderful time of the year.'
#2204103 by Strega

Never Wander Alone  (ASR)
Sometimes things find a way to creep out of your imagination...
#2203963 by Puhlasaurus

A Daily Contest Of Horror And A Three Time Quill Award Winner!
#2020439 by Angus

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Ask & Answer

         I invite you to not just 'follow' your dreams, be they in sleep or awake, but grab the thread and wind it into a story or poem.

Until we next meet,

Dream On, and
Write On !!
Creepy Crypt~Keeper Kate
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