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Noticing Newbies: November 27, 2019 Issue [#9886]

 This week: Get your Skin on!
  Edited by: eyestar
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
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About This Newsletter

*Delight*Here I am again to say hi and welcome all of you new comers to this fabulous writing community. I know there is so much to see and learn here so take your time and marvel at all the wonders. Ask questions, dive in to challenges and connect with the friendly writers who have all been where you stand now...in awe, trembling at putting your words out in public, hoping for a kind response or a helpful critique and boggled by all the facets of this ever evolving writing site. Always something to learn, or revise and then pass on to others.

Have fun and find you niche! *Delight**Penr*

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Letter from the editor

If you are mind boggled by all the bells and whistles here at WDC, you are not alone. I learned by the seat of my pants when I first arrived and NOW there are even more cool tools! I am still finding little things that skipped my attention....or maybe I saw...and forgot! *Laugh*

Let me share one thing I just discovered...or at least never used! You may notice that at the top of any page there is an image in colour stretching across the top.... it is called a "skin"! That was a new lingo to me when I joined. It was a couple of years before I found out that one could change the picture at the top! *Facepalm* Like I say, so many things to find and some are not as important. *Wink*

As a person who likes colour and variety, I am thrilled that WDC has so many skins to play with. Every year The StoryMaster adds more to the mix. *Thumbsup* Recently a starry night was added and...now I am in heaven! *Smile*

Now you may be wondering how to change the skin...and here is where this little tool comes in! You know, the one I just recently noticed.

At the top left hand side of the page, where the WDC logo is, there is a little grey tab SKINS} when you let your mouse hover there! *Shock2*

Click it and it will give you a drop down menu of all the themes available.
It also shows the name of your current theme and its number.

Mine is 100212: the Milky Way. Now if you *Wand* click on the *Left* or *Right* arrows beside that number....magically the skin will change so you can see if you like it! Quick and easy. *Bigsmile* Who Knew? ( maybe you already did. Yay You! *Wand*)

Oh gosh! You can also customize it. *Shock2* Yikes. I am not a technical person so you may not see me doing that! *Laugh*

I always go to MY ACCOUNT tab and clicked on Skins and Themes, which is the way we get to see all the skins on the pages, complete with "try" and "Use" tabs. *Smile*

It is just so awesome to have another trick! *Heartv**Wand*

I enjoy changing up colour and theme on my pages and it is fun to have seasonal or thematic images for variety and inspiration. A little fun to play with when you need a break! *Geek*

My question for you is.... What element or cool tool have you discovered that was fun or intriguing or helpful so far?

Thanks for reading and... welcome to the WDC world! It is wonderful to see you adding your magic and gifts of writing and reviewing! Write on! *Starstruck*

*Fairy2* eyestar


Editor's Picks

Some cool newbie works! What are newbies up to?

What creative fun! *Fairy2*
 Fairy Tale Mix Up  (E)
Creating a new story using four classic fairy tales.
#2202156 by Luarel Montgommery

Plays! *Fairy*
 Guardians: The Haunted House (Episode 1)  (13+)
Pilot Screenplay for a Animated Show starring a sibling trio who are Warriors for Hire
#2204110 by thesuperpapagai

Fantasy. *Fire*
Underneath the Rubble  (13+)
Prologue to Return of the Vinslings. The rest of Part I can be found in my portfolio.
#2205229 by BXC

Fantasy, Paranormal *Alien*
 Escaping Earth Chapter One  (18+)
Vehicles disappear on I-95, taking their occupants along for the ride
#2206234 by Jenae Ashewood

Poetry! *Heart*
 Grey and Black  (E)
A short poem
#2205552 by Carolyn Stone

How Do I Tell Him?  (E)
I think we ladies face this question at least once in our lifetime!
#2206050 by Ji pronounced Jeye

 Life After Death  (E)
Things come to life after dying
#2205667 by Rollie

Action/Adventure *Sneaker4*
 Silverbolt Guardian Of Rathmore  (18+)
Superhero in an alternate reality, with monsters and magic,
#2204828 by Jolanh

Articles. Crime. *Penb*
 Terrorism  (E)
Terrorism and cause behind
#2206291 by proton69

Horror, Dark *Shock2*
Mumma's Lullaby  (GC)
The horror of discovering she is her own worst enemy
#2206324 by x The T Lady x

Puzzles! *Puzzle1*
 Lord of the Rings Crossword  (E)
A crossword puzzle full of Lord of the Rings words and names.
#2205627 by M. L. Cooke

Chat at "Noticing Newbies
There are NO stupid questions! We don't know what we don't know. *Heart*

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Ask & Answer

My question for you is..What element or cool tool have you discovered that was fun or intriguing or helpful so far?
Do you have any questions about the workings of WDC? Let me know!

*Delight*Thank you so much for your responses to "Noticing Newbies Newsletter (June 12, 2019) on contests. *Wink*

"To be disqualified hurts a lot according to the endeavors furnished to realize such work . Especially when it comes to some insignificant mistakes. I think that each participation deserves a comment from an editor even though the work in question in spite of errors will not earn any prize. Good issue which needs further debates."

I like to share comments and each host has his/her criteria. I think we all have our POV and priority. LOL Thanks for sharing. *Heart*

"Thanks very much, eyestar~ for including my story, "African Encounters", in your Delicious Reads list. I am truly honoured.

I also want to thank you for mentioning "Two Dreams" as a newby contest entry. You made me wonder whether I'd got something wrong in the entry and that was why it was in the list. Cue a frantic scramble as I looked for the relevant entry (I've entered so many contests that I had no idea which contest was the right one). Found it, however, and I think I got it right!

Thanks again for a great newsletter."

*Heart* You are welcome. Great reads!

Queen Kissy Mourns
"I've been here 17 years and "No editing after entering" still gets me every now and then." *Laugh*

I hear you! *Facepalm*

Keep on writing, musing, and chatting everyone! Have fun while you do it! *Fairy*
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