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Fantasy: November 27, 2019 Issue [#9887]

 This week: A Time to Celebrate
  Edited by: Snow Angel
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate.”
Amit Ray, Walking the Path of Compassion

“How did they know that I was the one who saved them?"
"They don't. You're the third knight they've celebrated over since it happened.”

Gerald Morris, The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady

“One should never, but never, pass by an opportunity to celebrate.”
j d malouf, The Bag Lady

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Letter from the editor

There are several different celebrations and holidays that are commemorated by different cultures and faith paths between October 31 and January 1. This suggests (at least to my mind) that humans on Earth like to party, so why should it be different on any other inhabited planet or any other dimension in the known or unknown universe. We celebrate New Years, harvest festivals, gratitude, the birth of a special person in our culture or religion, and there are days dedicated to remembering family and friends who have died.

The way an individual celebrates a holiday, can reveal something about the person. The celebration of a holiday can also carry a story's plot forward or give it a new direction. Have you considered the holidays your characters either celebrate or do not celebrate? Have you considered the way the character celebrates the holiday? Answering these questions can give depth to both your protagonist and antagonist?

Thanksgiving is coming up. Take a look at one or two of your protagonists or antagonists, and consider how they would celebrate Thanksgiving. Would they call it Thanksgiving or something else? What would the main dish be turkey or some other type of animal? Would the main dish even be an animal? Write a story and submit it by December 18. The rating has to be 18+ or less. The would could between 500-2000 words.

Editor's Picks

 In Whose Image We Create  (18+)
A man finds bizarre sculptures in an abandoned house. About 2000 words.
#2202972 by Kotaro

Excerpt: A white Jaguar sped toward the setting sun. The top was down. The driver in a light gray Gucci suit had an elbow propped on the door. A chime grabbed his attention. The elbow rose, and the hand slid into the suit to extract a titanium cell phone. A flick of the wrist and the phone opened.

 Strange Orchids  (18+)
Weird Tales Winner
#2202960 by BlackAdder

Excerpt: Moira Radcliffe reflexively puckered her lips and blinked once, then twice. A face examined her from the glass she could not accept as her own, dry and wrinkled at the cheek, sunken around the eyes. She pursed her lips, then slid on the gold bracelet, the one with the encrusted diamonds. But was she saw was the dark spots on her thinning wrist. She closed her eyes against the evidence, then sighed. She reached for the purse, then opened it to count the bills inside. There were far too many to carry safely alone at night; hopefully, there were enough.

 'Til Mossflower is Free  (13+)
A Poem dedicated to the warriors of Redwall.
#1907568 by BIG BAD WOLF Is Merry!

Excerpt: I was there at Salamandastron,
         During the days of Ungatt Trunn.
         More than threescore hares and a badger lord
         Gave their lives during the battle,

 Scald Crow  (13+)
A fantasy story
#2204978 by Jolanh

Excerpt: I remember the day it came back, how could I forget? It was the worst day of my life. It started at a hockey tournament for the provincial title. Our team went in at the bottom, and we kicked and clawed our way to victory. The announcers said it was the greatest upset in ten years.

Intercession  (13+)
Only fools ascend the mountain and hope to survive. (2nd, WDC Quotation Inspiration)
#2184007 by Roseille ♥

Excerpt: Only the foolish and proud ascend the Veilless Peak and hope to survive. Florent is neither.

At the End of the Trail  (E)
A chance meeting in the woods
#2172080 by Roland King Krampus

Excerpt: Very few ever wandered far enough along the trail to reach my cozy little bend in the road. Meandering, wayward, or downright lost, they always let out a sigh of relief when they glimpsed my home at the bend. To them, my home appeared from the empty road as a place of peace, a place of rest, but very rarely a destination they sought. There was only ever one who came to look for me.

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Ask & Answer

bob county writes: My mom died on Halloween ...
It's a mixed feeling of melancholy
memories and trick or treaters dressed
like the dead.. Mom practiced some Kabala,
but only for good. She was a sweet and kind lady,
and a fantastic cook.

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