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Fantasy: December 25, 2019 Issue [#9931]

 This week: New Ideas for a New Year
  Edited by: Prosperous Snow
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About This Newsletter

Go out at night,
look up at the stars,
contemplate the planets
warmed by their fires,
contemplate the sentient beings
that walk in their light,
and write a story or poem
that tells of their plight.

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Letter from the editor

We are experiencing the last days of 2019. In less than a week a new year--full of new hopes, new blessings, new writing ideas, and new scientific discoveries--will begin. The year 2020 is the last year in the second decade of the twenty-first century. It will be a year of strife, frustration, and scary headlines. All, of which, can generate new and exciting ideas and theme for fantasy and science fiction stories.

Spread your creative wings in 2020. Fly out of any cubicles you have shut your muse in, and look for new ideas outside of your preferred genre. For the past few months I've been reading articles in science newsletter that are sent to one of my e-mail boxes. Some of the articles cover discovers here on earth, while others talked about the other planets in our solar system or planets around other stars. I think, that each of these articles contains ideas for short stories or poems.

I've also been keeping a closer eye on national and international new items I would normally ignore. Some of these items have ideas for stories or poems. I know in the coming year, I'll look closely at some of the items that don't raise my blood pressure and attempt to find an idea for a story or poem.

Where do you find your story ideas? Do you keep a list of links with interesting and educational articles?

Editor's Picks

A Lifetime of Firsts ~ Chapter One  (E)
A homage to two of my favorite artists Adams and Asimov. Chapter One. (12/28/19)
#2206638 by Richard ~ RL Bites!

Excerpt: “Get that thing out of here”, not quite a scream, but close enough, never mess with a woman in labor.

The StoryTeller's Gift  (E)
A Holiday Tale from the Heart of the Nine Counties
#2022301 by Katzendragonz

Excerpt: The elderly woman sat alone in the old family parlor. The unlit fire lay cold on the hearth. Outside snow-laden clouds hung heavy and painted the world a dull grey. Creeping wisps of late afternoon light struggled to penetrate the gloom through the ceiling height window and terrace door. The impending storm leeched the warm colors from the room until it resembled a dank, abandoned cavern. And still she sat.

The Witch's Cottage  (18+)
you'd be surprised what you might find...
#2172307 by Jim Hall - B-Day 7/22

Excerpt: Only the bravest went willingly to the cottage in Dreary Wood.

 Ragnarök Genesis: Demons of Folgoré#1  (18+)
After the death of his parents, Ryner heads down a dark path to support his family.
#2165469 by Derrol Edwards- Fantasy Writer

Excerpt: Sartalfheim, home to the greatest engineers and craftsmen across the nine realms, invaluable assets in the wars to come. Dark clouds loomed over Folgoré city as torrents of rain battered its busy streets. Ryner Klaus, a human boy eighteen years of age is suddenly responsible for the well-being of house Klaus following the death of his parents. He sat at one of the many wooden tables in the large dining hall, his bright crimson eyes dimmer than usual. Booom! Thunder cracked outside, rattling the huge glass windows.

 White-out!  (ASR)
The sudden and unexpected appearance of so much snow.
#2207042 by hullabaloo22

Excerpt: There's something about the sound, or rather the total absence of it, that should serve as a warning of what I will find. Instead I ignore it, let my mind drift through alternative explanations and settle on the most attractive of them. I've woken early; no one else is out and about yet.

Pore Traveller  (E)
When something unpredictable gets predicted, is the simplest explanation the best?
#2190981 by J.B. Ezar

Excerpt: “Okay, Jed, I’m ready to listen.”

Activities, Groups, and Contests

The Anthro Activity Anteroom  (13+)
A fun activity room for Non-Humans.
#1654618 by BIG BAD WOLF Is 31 on 6/3/20

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