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This is an example Photo Album Item.
This is an example Photo Album item. Available to those with Premium Membership and above, this is a great way to store your photos on Writing.Com!

Photos can be 550x550 in size, which bigger than regular images, and they can be uploaded very quickly. The system will automatically downsize any uploaded to the biggest it can be "on the fly" as you upload them. Photo Album Items also include basic "rotate left" and "rotate right" functions.

Members with Photo Albums can include photos in their items, posts, entries, etc using the new WritingML {photo:#######} tag. This tag shows a small thumbnail of the photo which is clickable and links back to the full photo within the photo album.

Photos stored within an album do not count towards a member's portfolio item limit. Each Photo Album, regardless of the number of photos within it, counts as just one portfolio item.
Can't Beat The Java ~ 2 cups of Joe... To go.
Miami From the Sea ~ WritingML works great in descriptions:
 A beautiful Miami skyline.
Sunrise / Sunset ~ A sunrise... or a sunset.  Oddly similiar but contrarily different.
Pretty Colors ~ Vibrant colors on a windy day.
Fruit Cake ~ MMmmmmmmmmmmm...
What Time Is It? ~ Well, according to this, it's 1:07 in NYC.
Dominoes;  The Game of Champions ~ So many dots, so little time.
Writing.Com circa 2005... ~ What it looked like way back then.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/photos/item_id/1018572-Example-Photo-Album