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Pictures from my trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland (March 31 - April 7,2007).
Herzlich Willkommen! These are the pictures that summarize my trip the most, some are just plain random; but funny and enjoyable. I have about 300 of them, but these are my favorite. Hope you enjoy and have fun while looking at them (wish you went as well)! I know I had fun. =]

Deutsch Jung ~  A German boy and I in Rothenberg. He was cute and I wish I asked for his name.
Timmy and I ~  At the restop before our destination in Rothenberg.
Heidleberg ~  I think that was one of the universities, nonetheless, the archetechture was still amazing.
Heidleberg ~  The city.
Traveling with good friends ~  Timmy, Mrs. Heins, Anne and I -- Nymphenberg.
Beauty ~  The city outside the window. Isn't it like a fairytale?
Rothenberg ~  Atop the tower where they hung people.
Glockenspiel -- Munich ~  Sorry about the blurriness, but I wanted to zoom in.
Lucerne's Architechture ~  Again, taken from atop the hill. I was amazed at the Muslim influence of that building.
Stadtviertel ~  Most of the buildings in the stadtviertel are painted like that.
Swiss Lion ~  This was carved to protect Switzerland, especially against the French.
Liechtenstein ~  We had a rest in Liechtenstein on the way to Switzerland and when I was coming from the post office (to get my passport stamped), I saw this and I thought this was pretty neat.
Night Watchman ~  The Night Watchman of Rothenberg and I.
Kriminal Museum ~  I couldn't resist.
Dachau ~  Numbing, yet surreal.
Lucerne, Switzerland ~  Taken the night Mr. Doyle, Timmy and I explored Lucerne. We climbed a really big hill and had a breathtaking view of the city from atop the hill.
Innsbruck, Austria ~  Town center. I found this to be very pleasant, relaxing and beautiful.
Schloss Neuschwanstein ~  Palace where Konig Ludwig lived (and drowned at).
Stadtviertel -- Rothenberg ~  I loved the designs. I also liked watching the pidgeons. =]
Nymphenberg -- front ~  The swans made it even more like a dream and more beautiful.
Lake ~  Near Schloss Neuschwanstein.
Ich bin ein Deutsche Madchen ~  Me dressed up and standing in front of the lake near Schloss Neuschwanstein.
Hoopsches Rheinfall ~  The Rheinfall was gorgeous. I wish we could have taken the boat ride.
Lucerne from my hotel room ~  I was amazed at the breathtaking view my roommates and I had from our hotel room.
Nymphenberg ~  The gardens at Schloss Nymphenberg, Ludwig's summer home.I also thought the sunset was VERY pretty, especially setting against the water.
Hofbrauhaus Band ~  We couldn't stay long since we were following American laws of not drinking, but I had the opportunity to take a picture of the band.
Residenz ~  Ludwig also stayed here. It was later made into a museum. Munich.
People who made this trip possible ~  Herr Skonier and Wesley -- two great chaperons. Thank you for the lovely experience. =]
Der Polizei und Ich ~  Innsbruck, Austria.
Hell yeah ~  Innsbruck, Austria -- I found this funny and ironic.
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