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Three generations, and two litters walking.
Kittens 2013

My kittens from the summer of 2013. Vanilla was the first white and gray Siamese. She looks like she stuck her chin in the milk bowl. Her all gray kittenwhich I kept, had a litter, and nursed both her litter and Vanilla's litter. Mama Vanilla has since had another litter, but they are currently hidden up the fireplace. I was messing with a baby with icky eyes that had not opened yet. I think I helped, but after Mama took the little one back, there came "meowing" from the fireplace.

I've kept these guys way too long. Some did find a home already, but I have 5 now ready for a new home. Now. In the meantime, here are the critter culprits doing their antics.

Gray kittens -- "Misty," "Muffy," and "Fluffy."
Hard to tell them apart.

"Leftique" is the white and gray kitten whose markings cover more on the left side. She started out as "Lefty," but she's a girl kitten.

"YoYo" is a white and gray kitten with marking very similar to his sister. Not identically marked twins, but pretty close.

"Calimazoo" is the mostly black with a pinch of orange, Calico. The orange is around her eyes and chine. She's pretty, and has a great personality.

If anyone in the Dallas area is interested in adopting a new kitten into their homes, I have a deal for you. The kittens are about 8 - 12 weeks now, totally, weaned, and know to use the litter box. These cats will likely get along with dogs as they were raised with and by the family German Shepherd.

To set up an appointment to see the kittens please call me after 4:00 pm. As a writer, I usually work nights and sleep days.

214-422-5996 Patrice

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