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From the 90's to 2004 My water color paintings. Some are scans of prints. Less Colorful.
These include a western series. A flower series and others.

I have a small bed scanner so some of these are cropped.

Love to all!

- Alan
Clowning Around ~ 
This is a scan of a card I sent a wonderful friend.
 Original 6" by 10"

Clowns are fading away, in our time, as are circuses...

I understand there are folks afraid of clowns...thanks Stephen King for giving us Penny Wise!

Yet, as for me, I will miss them.

 - Alan
Mexico Way   ~ This was actually just a card.

The small scale made for poor details.

I can see I added the post as an after thought.

Grace Gathering Flowers ~  Original 18" by 22"

Another cropped scan...Colors really muted.

Hope you enjoy her anyway.

  - Alan
Woman at Dunes ~ Original 14" by 20"

I love the dunes in sunny weather and before a storm!

  - Alan
The Decision ~  Original 14" by 20"

Have you ever been on this edge?

Many of us have...

If ever you are;  please know...you are a loved and valuable person!
Call someone, tell them how you feel.

 - Alan
Sun Flower Surrounded ~ Another painting that is 18" by 22"

Also done on the wonderful thick paper.

This was a gift to a woman I love; whose eyes are bluer and more wonderful than these flowers.

  - Alan
Flowers Gathered ~ This is a scan of a card I painted for a friend.

The rock wall is a special inclusion; growing up in New England they were everywhere.

Sometimes they still surrounded large fields.
I imagined the work of digging them out of each field and then building a wall with them. 

the settlers of our awesome country really worked hard.

Desert Beauty ~ The original is 18" by 22"

It was painted on a wonderfully thick cold press paper.

I loved my control of the water colors on this quality paper.

Expensive stuff for the proverbial starving artist. :- )

Before The Storm Western Series 2 ~ There are still some cowboys. I of course loved them as a kid.

John Wayne and The Lone Ranger...

As a teen I fell in love with the Western Artists like Russell.

Of course any attempt by me to match the skills of Bev Doolittle or others would cause me to snap my brushes into pieces!

I'll just enjoy painting!

Western Series 1 ~ This is a scan of a scan.

Original was 18"x 22" The colors in this are really muted.

Hope you may enjoy it anyway.

 - Alan
Cat Training  ~  New in 2015 Cat Series Water colors.
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