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Contains all photos that inspire characters and places of The Valley of Vala.
This item contains all inspiration photos for all main or central characters for The Valley of Vala, plus important places and landmarks.
Adelaide de Caelkirk ~ The eldest child of the King and Queen of Caelkirk, but is not destined to be Queen herself, only instead placed in the center of a millennia old prophesy, a prophesy thought to have been dealt with hundreds of years before. She must go on a quest after years of training with the son of Lady Althena to save the world.
Dane Ravizac ~ The only child and son of Lady Althena. At age sixteen, he left his mother's home and moved to the Beresboia forest, where he has lived in seclusion for fifteen years.
Lady Althena ~ The mother of Dane Ravizac and daughter and now a brother of a Duke. She lives in a modest villa on the edge of Shimmerwood and is often believed to be a witch.
Mihaela Roxana ~ Closest friend to Adelaide and daughter of the exteemed Roxana family who preside in royal court.
Gideon Amari ~ A Paladin who comes to join Adelaide's group, a man who is struggling with his position in life.
Gideon's Hair Style ~
Muriel Iyana ~ Muriel is the daughter of a trader, who happened to have a natural ability to conjure magic. After graduating from a school focused on fine turning those abilities, she stumbles upon Adelaide's group and asks to join.
Muriel's Armor Inspiration ~
Amahle ~ She lives in the Althal Kingdom, nearly a thousand miles away from the Caelkirk Kingdom, Adelaide resides in. She has stumbled across a fact that has both terrified her and yet explained everything that has happened in her life, she is a long lost daughter of Onteus, the original God of Vala.
Nadite ~ Nadite, the sister of Amla and Iphene, both Goddesses of the Underworld Vala. Though she herself is also considered a Goddess of Vala and daughter of Ita, the original Goddess of the Underworld and Onteus, the God of the Underworld, she has a lesser role. She is the ferryman on the River Passea. There are a lot of rumors as to why she has this lesser role, mostly dealing with a huge falling out with her family and bringing dishonor, everything kept secret from those outside of the family. ...
Nadite's alternate form. ~ For those who give her grief.
Amla ~ Amla, the sister of Iphene and Nadite and the daughter of Ita, the original Goddess of Vala and Onteus, the original God of Vala, is a Goddess of the Underworld Vala. She resides behind the under water entrance to Vala, protected behind many beasts that swim the river of Passea.
Amla's Alternate Form ~ While she has a very good nature, it takes very little to set her off. When she does go off, she has an alternate form which she uses to torment travelers (very much like her sister, Nadite, when she flips the hood of her cloak) and terrify them. 

Large and terrifying wings unfold from her back, the skin is thin and partially transparent so you can see veins running across them. Her skin, as equally transparent and so pale in color that it was basically white with a silver like shimmer, has a wet and nearly slimy appearance. Sharp points break out on different points on her body, such as the tops of her thighs, the outsides of her ...
Iphene ~ Iphene, the sister of Amla and Nadite and the daughter of Ita, the original Goddess of Vala and Onteus, the original God of Vala, is a Goddess of the Underworld Vala. She resides behind what many consider the main entrance to Vala.
Iphene's Alternate Form ~
River Passea ~ The river that leads to an entrance to Vala.
Dane's Home ~ Dane's home located within Beresboia Forest.
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