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Images created to go with my novel's research
This is a photo album.
Luyt ~ Known nations of Luyt (so far).
Gemera ~
Deities' Symbols ~ The symbols/marks used by the followers of each Deity.
Trüa Mark ~ This is an elaborate version of Trüa's symbol.
Lekan's Mark ~ A quick sketch of Lekan's Mark, as might be seen in chalk on a wall.
The Deities' family tree ~ The familial bonds are not necessarily by blood.
- Trüa was found in the roots of an upended Trüanor tree outside the Celestial City
- Aloysia and Merieke were found in a giant egg in the Celestial Library
The Route of Assembly ~ This route may be traversed from Akbanor to Hjalbon (1 to 40) or the other direction.
The Lunar Route ~ This route may be traversed from Onadar to Eusen (1 to 21) or the other direction.
Map of the Holy Labyrinth ~ All Holy Labyrinths are made to this plan. Some are simpler affairs of crushed stone paths and small shrines. Others incorporate stairs and bridges, with elaborate buildings holding the shrines to the deities.
The labyrinth may be traversed via four routes.
Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/photos/item_id/2228561-Photos-for-Research