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NIPS and I are entering the 22nd Century! We are excited, hope you enjoy!
New CAT NIPS ISSUES 2019 - 2020 and beyond!
NIPS CHRISTMAS 2020 Pt. 1 ~ NIPS looks at Christmas.
NIPS explores winter fun! ~ Well it's fun for kids!
NIPS VALENTINES 2020 ~ Love is in the air
NIPS and Fairytales 2020 ~ Not all fairytales tell the whole story.
NIPS Spring 2020 ~ Spring brings renewal and hope!
Spring has sprung!  2020 ~ NIPS is ready to enjoy the spring sun!
Introducing Killer ~ Ever meet anyone or have a friend who is a bit over confident as a tough guy or gal?
NIPS in Ad Landia! ~ Where do our advertising icons go when they're no promoting their products?

NIPS found them in Ad Landia!
NIPS enjoys learning about his family tree! ~ Hey, he's a big cat in his heart!
NIPS takes a vacation. ~ I can't help it, the Pacific Northwest is beautiful and  it's very wet much of the year!
NIPS and the Genie 2020 ~ When I was a kid I figured I had the whole 3 WISHES thing all figured out!
NIPS did too!
NIPS hallucinating dreams!  2020 ~ Must have been something he ate!
NIPS looks at Teens Pt. 1 ~  Complex...wonderful...scary, and it's unavoidable.
It is life in action with all the joys and pains included!
NIPS searches for BIG FOOT! ~ Living in the Pacific Northwest it would be wrong not to give the Big Guy a nod.
NIPS explores TEENAGERS ~ NIPS looks at the joys and the fears teens live with.

This is two parts, after all...can adolescence be explored in six frames?
NIPS LOOKS AT God's Creations Part 2 ~ NIPS and I are often amazed by the diversity and stunning colors of nature!
NIPS looks at God's Creations 2 Parts ~ Nips checks out sea life!
NIPS CINCO DE MAYO 2020 ~ Nips experiences Cinco de Mayo in 2020 with friends!
NIPS SALUTES OUR HEROES  ~ Not all heroes are deployed!
NIPS searches for the Jackalope ~ When I was about six on a cross country trip with family, I saw my first Jackalope!
NIPS observes POLITICAL SEASON ~ It can be decisive, messy...and sometimes makes us indecisive.
THANKSGIVING TRADITIONS ~ Family get togethers...who knew we'd miss the messy delicious get togethers...political discussions included.
NIPS observes BLACK FRIDAY! ~ What a wonder tradition.

In 2020, we didn't have this, COVID-19 rocked our world.
NIPS meets the Vampires ~ NIPS discovers vampires!
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