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Robot working in office ~
Recent History ~  Societal shifts, as shown by employment, since start of Industrial Revolution
Ancient History ~  A long, very slow shift from farming being chief employment
Pyramid of Cognition ~  3S Imperatives, Emotions, Conscious Thoughts.
Two Thought Streams ~  Mentalese - Words and Patterns follow different rules.
Fountain Pen over Words on Paper ~  Fountain pen image. Petar Miloševic, CC BY-SA 4.0 [Link: 'https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0,'] via Wikimedia Commons
Ari Lox Horizon Table ~  Distance from Ari's perch to the horizon.
Hi-Lo Vax States ~  New Cases Per Day Plotted for Hi Vax States and Lo Vax States
New Cases Per Million ~  Side-by-Side Plots of Hi Vax and Lo Vax States
Bitcoin Price History ~  Chart developed with Bitcoin price data available on finance.yahoo.com
Hugh Hamill 1798 ~  The dubious morality in warfare and historical accuracy.
William Hamill dies in prison ~  A doleful result
Col. Hamill and 14 companies 1689 ~  Siege of Derry outlasted, but money problems arose
Dublin Castle  ~  Dublin Castle as it looked in 1728
Slemish Mountain ~
Loughguile Parish ~ Hamill household in Plot 27, Drumgallagh
Craigs Dolmen ~
Land ownership under Cromwell ~
Ballymena in Ordnance Survey 1823 ~
Armoy Round Tower ~
Round Tower BW ~  Round tower off the road to Portrush
Antrim Mountains ~ Highlights where sheep and shepherds spend days and seasons
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