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These are all the illustrations currently in the foot fetish story, Toadette's Story.
These are the illustrations of "Toadette's Story from oldest to newest.

I’m glad that I have a basic drawing ability to portray some scenes in my literature. Although it doesn’t need pictures, it’s undeniable that they can enhance the mood. I hope you enjoy getting a closer look at these pics.
Chapter 1 - Illustration 1 ~ When I pulled my phone down, something caught my attention. Just a few inches from my feet, a kid was staring me down.

You bet I was freaked out. But I had better things to do than escalate things with a kid. Plus, staring wasn’t an arrestable offence. Back to my phone, I went.
Chapter 1 - Illustration 2 ~  Minh T., the shop owner, slapped her heel against her flip-flop. “Hi-ya, Toadette.”
Chapter 9 - Illustration 1 ~ My sole lowered onto her tiny nose, rubbing up and down. Whether my feet stunk or not, I didn’t know, nor did I care. The smell of feet was unpleasant regardless, so all that mattered was that Pop Diva was suffering. With all this blood pumping, I couldn’t even feel the tickling her nose would’ve normally done.
Chapter 10 - Illustration 1 ~ No. She wasn’t this stupid. Nobody in their right mind would even joke about walking on that nasty concrete without socks.

My eye twitched. She WAS this stupid. Proud and loud, Princess Daisy held one shoe out towards me. My hands rushed to protect my nose from the funk cloud and sock lint pouring out the shoe.
Chapter 10 - Illustration 2 ~ I lowered myself onto the princess’s stomach, using her arched legs as support. “I hate this…”
Chapter 11 - Illustration 1 ~ Son of a bitch, it was happening. Craning my head up, my eyes met the one creature I didn’t want to encounter down here. A wild Electro Blooper. Just seeing it pulse white and yellow reminded me of the terrible shock these things can give. And in this water-filled environment, to have a giant one soaking in the stuff was nothing short of horrifying.
Chapter 11 - Illustration 2 ~ While I sat with half my body in the river, the Blooper didn’t let up on the princess. In addition to sweeping up and down her feet with the tips of its tentacles, its suction cups would latch on and off the princess’s dusty soles. All the while, her laughing got louder and her grip weaker.
Chapter 12 - Illustration 1 ~ As soon as I reached my bed, my body collapsed on the firm mattress. All that jumping and sprinting that Blooper made me do must have put serious stress on my muscles.
Chapter 14 - Illustration 1 ~ “If I wanted a poor job done, I’d have picked any other Toad in this castle, sweetie.”

Man, what would it take to please this woman? Screw it, I put my whole tongue to use. Better to just rip the bandage off than do it slowly. One slow lick up her bunched-up toes left me smacking my lips. Not because it was tasty, but because it was so coarse. A ridiculous amount of dirt was caked on her feet.
Chapter 15 - Illustration 1 ~ Mess with me once, I’m mad. Mess with me twice, I’m furious.
Chapter 17 - Illustration 1 ~ The other shoe hit me smack in the face. Now her pinkish toes curled like there was no tomorrow, and a smile appeared on her face. Ooh… Maybe I should…
Chapter 18 - Illustration 1 ~ He walked to Princess Daisy, sticking his shiny, red hand out. “A pleasure getting to know you for a short while, Princess Daisy. Don’t panic. I’ll personally assure that Sarasaland gains a superior leader after your passing.”
Chapter 18 - Illustration 2 ~ The guards left her gasping, curling her audibly slimy toes now.

Between her puffs of air, she sighed, “Wow… Eat my toe jam, why don’t ya?”

Yuck, she said the word! Or words.
Chapter 18 - Illustration 3 ~ Licking my lips and raising my pitch, I went, “If you wanna play fair, rip my stockings off. I gotta be barefoot like the others, right?”
Chapter 19 - Illustration 1 ~ Merlee pulled her feet out my mouth and said, “Suckle on my heel.”

Okay, this wasn’t something I did much up to now. Angling her feet in my mouth proved to be a challenge. But with a simple position swap of being under her feet, one of her heels sank into my mouth.

“I hope you’re enjoying your meal.”

No, I was not. This so-called meal was dry, bitter and a tad salty.
Chapter 20 - Illustration 1 ~ The princess threw the remote at my head. “You got hyper issues? How are you not tired from all that moving around?”
Chapter 20 - Illustration 2 ~ Creaking from behind, the bathroom door made way for Minh T. to exit. Dressed in nothing but a bra and panties, of course. Not what I’d pick with a child in the room, but given all the craziness Penelope went through, this was tame. The perky Toad skipped right in front of me. And oh, what a pleasant surprise. For the second time since I’ve started this wacky job, her feet weren’t smothered in filth.
Chapter 22 - Illustration 1 ~ “Bet you’re the one who turned this place into a walking death trap, aren’t you?”
Chapter 22 - Illustration 2 ~ “This may hurt a teensy bit, Miss Toadette.”

Back in the inn, I fought back the tears as Penelope bandaged my right arm. Meanwhile, across the room, Daisy posed in front of a mirror. Her just-polished crown topped her off, and I admit, she looked way more like a princess with it than without.
Chapter 23 - Illustration 1 ~ He snickered as he grabbed his pants, with Minh T. still licking at his penis. “Those fragments you found belong to a mask, that much I can confirm. But they’re so burnt, I couldn’t pinpoint what mask it was no matter how much you offered. If you were gonna play detective, maybe you should’ve brought a certain someone.”
Chapter 25 - Illustration 1 ~ Penelope collapsed to the floor upon being released. Her feet had spit bubbles all over them like she’d been dipped in a bubble bath.

“I can’t feel my feet…” she panted.
Chapter 26 - Illustration 1 ~ A second strike hit me right in the stomach, barely missing my crotch. But my feet held me up. If I were to fall, I’d be sliced into a million tiny pieces thanks to this lantern. It only flickered once, then a second time. After that, nothing.

Damn! I was barefoot. I was stuck in this one position.
Chapter 26 - Illustration 2 ~ Maybe I wasn’t the strongest person around. Perhaps I wasn’t the smartest Toad around. Hell, I know I wasn’t the bravest girl around. But I had two things working for me: my speed and my sweaty, sticky feet.

“Watch out, Shy Guys,” I grinned. “Toadette’s here.”
Chapter 27 - Illustration 1 ~ I sprinted one final time, pushing through this stupid door. I dropped the ball and whipped out one of my flats.
Chapter 27 - Illustration 2 ~ “I commend your bold strategy of facing us head-on just one day later, Toadette. Your intel-gathering is remarkable.”
Chapter 27 - Illustration 3 ~ A loud whirring sound started Minh T.’s descent into giggles. She leaned forward to pull that brush away, but learnt quickly how restrained she was. How restrained we all were.
Chapter 29 - Illustration 1 ~ “Sun’s not even down and you’re already knocked out?”

Daisy shook me back to life. There was no telling how long I’d fallen asleep on this plane. That’s what happens when you spend most of your night tossing and turning instead of getting some shuteye.
Chapter 30 - Illustration 1 ~ Minh T. became nearly six metres taller than me. If you need a reference, her big toe was larger than my head. As nervous as I was, I pointed at the tub. Hundreds of bubble berries waited to be crushed.
Chapter 32 - Illustration 1 ~ I instantly slammed my feet before Minh T. It’d been so long since Penelope gave me an order that I forgot I was technically below her. But while my muscles stiffened up, Minh T. didn’t hesitate to touch my soles in weird manners. Poking them, wiggling a finger on them, and even smelling her hand after she touched them. It was like she magically came to life.

“Don’t worry,” she said, continuing to sniff her hand. “I ain’t gonna tickle you.”
Chapter 35 - Illustration 1 ~ When we placed our feet side-by-side, it highlighted the differences in our toes. Mine were skinnier than Minh T.’s while also being longer. They were like weird fingers the more I stared at them. Yet Minh T.’s toes were shorter and chubbier. Although they weren’t child-sized, she had the smaller feet. Aw, if only I had those. Less people would’ve mocked me growing up.
Chapter 35 - Illustration 2 ~ “Oh. My…”
Chapter 36 - Illustration 1 ~ If you ever need someone to create a distraction, Penelope is your weapon of choice. I knew she could talk, but not for five straight minutes. Once her lecture ended, she gave us a bright smile. So what if I missed most of what she said? Boarding an airplane shouldn’t be so difficult. Plus, Minh T. could help if I misunderstood something. Think I’m joking? While we rode the tram, she convinced me that she’d previously been a flight attendant. By the time we reached the airport—not the actual plane—I could locate every single exit on that flying vehicle....
Chapter 36 - Illustration 2 ~ Since Her Highness didn’t directly command me, I patiently waited for her to give some direction. Yeah, I wasn’t repeating that mistake again.

“Rub my right foot,” she said, smirking.
Chapter 37 - Illustration 1 ~ “Pull up!” Minh T. pushed her foot against the dashboard and yanked as hard as she could. The plane’s steep descent switched to an equally sharp ascent within seconds. Now we were zipping through the clouds like a rocket.
Chapter 37 - Illustration 2 ~ While she squealed and spread out across the bed like a starfish, I observed at myself in the wall mirror. Eh… A clothes change was in order. The jeans could stay on, but the shirt was drenched in a nervous sweat. Mushroom City didn’t need a taste of my armpits. So, I switched to a dark red shirt and brushed my hair a little. Alright, now I rocked a full casual attire, sneakers and all.
Chapter 39 - Illustration 1 ~ Talk about looking poor. Minh T. ditched her sensible, traditional work outfit in favour of something that screamed, “Please bone me on the spot, random stranger”. From top to bottom: her hair was scragglier; she had a black crop top with a Piranha Plant emblem; her jeans looked like a cat went wild on them, and they were so tight that her vagina must’ve been crying; and finally, the only elegant part of her appearance was her toes. Those blue, trimmed, ocean-hued toes....
Chapter 39 - Illustration 2 ~ Captain Toad’s eyes remained on my wiggling toes. Although, his face showed nothing but pure disgust.
Chapter 40 - Illustration ~ Very quickly, I shot up nearly 100 metres into the air, finally landing in a seat next to Minh T. Just a few seconds late was Captain Toad, ending his voyage on her left flip-flop.
Chapter 41 - Illustration 1 ~ As if that wasn’t enough, when I looked at her, I was subject to seeing where she placed extra marshmallows. With the girl wearing flip-flops indoors, take a guess where the food ended up. She must’ve been screwing with me! Why else would she so deliberately scrunch her toes to squish that marshmallow? With the way light flooded the room, her glistening toenails were playing with my heart. This was all too convenient.
Chapter 41 - Illustration 2 ~ Ugh, he really couldn’t have forgotten that!? As long as we kept this under a few seconds, baring my boobs to the world wouldn’t hurt. First, I made sure the coast was clear. So far, so good. Up came my shirt. No bra shielded my breasts today, thanks to my unwillingness to change outfits. Congratulations, Captain Toad. You got to take the shortcut to seeing my nervous nips.
Chapter 41 - Illustration 3 ~ No point in resisting now. As soon as he began to suck me, my body activated its natural breastfeeding senses. Because this triggers some parental element in our brains, being aggressive with the Toad was impossible. Getting your milk drained is like getting sedated. He swirled his tongue around my boob for an uninterrupted minute before finally backing off.
Chapter 41 - Illustration 4 ~ Each heavy pant from his body made me smile a whole mile. “Didn’t know someone like you could become so weak under my feet.”
Chapter 42 - Illustration 1 ~ “If the rude mushroom can get my feet back to normal, I’ll handle the delivery details. I mean, now you wouldn’t be doing it for free.”
Chapter 42 - Illustration 2 ~ A load of sliminess could be heard when Ace rubbed her feet together. As violated as my mouth felt, seeing her pale soles put a small smirk on my face. Because now their beauty wasn’t interrupted. Minh T., meanwhile, was still trying to kiss her foot. Jeez, was her goal to make the girl numb at this rate?
Chapter 43 - Illustration ~ “Do not touch my feet.”
Chapter 44 - Illustration ~ “Think positively. Least we won’t be dealing with any Bloopers down here. And you won’t have a princess turning into a frozen statue. And mira eso, my feet are getting a decent cleaning from the ocean’s blanket.”
Chapter 45 - Illustration ~ “Not my armpits! NOOOO!” Poor Minh T. didn’t receive even a second of relief. In addition to the assault on her toes, the Piranha Plants directed their tongues to her sweaty armpits. Wearing that crop top didn’t pan out so well for the girl.
Chapter 46 - Illustration ~ “And YOU can go to Hell!”
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