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A poll to determine WDC members thoughts on the present situation in Lebanon
Poll Question:
I've heard almost the entire spectrum of opinions concerning the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict currently going on in Northern Israel and Southern Lebanon. Which of the following opinions come closest to YOUR opinion about what's happening?
Poll Options:
      Israel has the right to defend themselves. However, their present response is disproportionate to the situation.
      Hezbollah and Hamas are terrorist organizations that have killed Americans and celebrated 9/11. They have it coming.
      Hezbollah is acting at the behest of Iran and/or Syria for their own agenda.
      Israel must withdraw from Lebanon, institute a cease fire, and recognize the democratically elected government of Palestine.
      Israel should be allowed to remain in Lebanon until Hezbollah's strength is neutralized.
      Hezbollah had put all of Lebanon at risk with its unilateral adventurism.
      Isreal has played right into Hezbollah's hands and its actions will mean the end of democracy in Lebanon.
      This is the beginning of Armageddon, Ragnarok, the End Times.
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