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So many poems, so little ability to decide.
Poll Question:
I've been paging through my three principal journals and have found some poems that have aged well or have earned some amount of praise. I think it's time for one or two of these bad boys to move to a static (item) existence. The top two picks will be converted to static items, and all existing ML will remain. I will take title suggestions before I post them, though. Other changes will be made when I receive reviews for the items.

Keep in mind that I do not hesitate when it comes to swearing. I also am fond of particular graphic imagery. The entries linked below carry an 18+-GC rating. So if you'd like to vote in this poll but have not read the entries, be advised that strong language and/or content exists.

*Note3*Note: This poll will close after twenty votes, so stop on in and cast your vote today! I only need four more votes.
Poll Options:
      "Tears falling on Parched Grass
      "Five Lovers
      "May Rains
      "What I desire
      ""Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night", Stiky Style
      "The sin of blood on my hands
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