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by Sureal
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How do you feel about this? Did the species evolve or were they created as they are today?
Poll Question:
So, how d'yah feel on this?

Do you accept the scientific conclusion - that the world is millions of years old, and that life evolved?

That the world is only 6000 to 10000 years and was made in seven days?

Something inbetween?

Something else?

Poll Options:
      Atheistic evolution (evolution without a God)
      Theistic evolution (God used evolution)
      Young Earth Creationism (world is 10000 years or less, and was made in seven days)
      Old Earth Creationism (world is millions of years old, but all species were made as they are today)
      Intelligent Design (some unknown intelligent being made animals as they are today)
      Don't care at all. Seriously, why are you asking?
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