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Poll Question:
Do you just HATE it when people make extra-long reviews (250+ letters) just because they want the money, and it's not even a quality review or is it okay? For example, say the person's review was like 200 characters long. Would you hate it if they also added "Thank you so much for this reading opportunity, keep writing!" just to reach that 250 character minimum? Or, as another example, say you had a madlib and it was more than 249 characters. If someone did your madlib and posted that as their review, but didn't put their feedback. Would that make you mad? I know it would make me feel a little used, and it DOES happen a lot. Vote here and see what other people think!

Note: Pet peeve, if you didn't know, means it's the thing you hate the most. It's worse than terrible, it does more than drive you crazy.
Poll Options:
      Yes, it drives me crazy. People shouldn't do that!
      No, i think it's fine. They just want a little extra money!
      OMG that's like my #1 pet peeve!
      Are you crazy?! I do it all the time. Are you saying I'm annoying?!?!
      I don't get it...
      It's fine, as long as they make sense.
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