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How do you feel about email forwards? For a future essay on the topic.
Poll Question:
I just deleted yet another unopened forwarded email. It could have been a joke email, a public announcement, maybe something I reallyneeded to know, but I deleted it just the same. It was from someone I only hear from in the form of email forwards, most of them from emails that she's received as a forward.

Generally speaking, I don't care for forwards. They come too often and they get tiresome. But, I have to say that every now and then, I get one that is worth a look. However, I am personally offended by the situation I mentioned above. I also don't care for the Serial Forwarder, that person who passes on six or seven forwards at a time- the same urban legend that has been kicked around in one form or another for years, the ones where the humor is definitely subjective, and those in which the "information" being passed on is not informative in the least.

It got me thinking about writing an essay on the topic, thus I am gathering opinions on the topic so that I can get a better, more balanced picture of how others feel.

If I haven't quite hit upon your reason for liking or disliking receiving email forwards- not forwarded messages but the other variety- please feel free to send a more detailed comment.

Your input is appreciated.
Poll Options:
      I don't have a problem with forwards of any kind.
      I like email forwards, but only from certain people.
      I dislike religious email forwards.
      I only like religious/ inspirational email forwards.
      I dislike chain letter type forwards (send this to 5 people and/or...).
      It is rude to only send forwards when you don't otherwise communicate.
      I'd rather receive forwards than email messages.
      I enjoy humorous email forwards.
      I only have a problem with serial forwarders that bombard my mailbox.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/1332902-Email-Forwards-Love-em-or-Hate-em